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No LMO confirmation number- PGWP expires in 9 days!

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by naziae, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Hi there. I was wondering if anyone can help me. My PGWP is expiring in 9 days and I have all the paperwork to send the application for a new WP to CIC however I do not have the confirmation number for the submission for my LMO that was sent on June 1st 2012.

    My employer called service canada for the number and they said they would look into it but they havent responded back.

    My question what proof do i need to send immigration that my LMO application was sent to service canada?

  2. Hi

    I had the same problem, I still applied for the work visa, indicating that the LMO had been applied for, and waited for them to contact me for the file number, I told them that due to the backlog at SC I did not have the file number of the LMO application, they gave me 2 months from the date that I submitted the application online and was told to send the information as soon as I had received it. Unfortunatley due to the backlog I did not get the file number within the 2 months and my work visa was refused on the basis that I could not provide a positive LMO or confirmation that the LMO had been received. This will at least give you a little bit of extra time for confirmation that the LMO was received by SC. I am still waiting for the LMO confirmation to arrive!!
  3. Thanks! I am waiting for two LMOs one for my current employer and one from my summer job. My job works on a school calendar as i work at an elementary school out of school care.. now i am considering just applying for a work permit with my current employer and work on implied status with my summer camp employer as by the time i get my new WP it maybe september anyway when i need my wp for my current employer. I hope you get your LMO soon is it for the same employer or a different one?
  4. Hi

    We worked on implied status until we got the decision in writing from CIC. We are waiting on 2 LMOs, 1 is for the current employer and the LMO application was submitted at the start of April and we sill have not even got a fle number for the LMO, and another is for a new employer which is for the job that my husband really wants to do, these LMOs are for Alberta, I am not sure what province you are in. Fingers crossed for us both, and I am sure many other people, that the LMOs come through ASAP.
  5. I am in BC.. my employer even sent them a letter explaining the situation to them as they want to rehire me but they dont operate in the summer. I am going to try and work with my other job on implied status and see how long i can do that before i have to stop if the summer job employer allows me to.
  6. Does your visa state your current employer? If so as far as I know, I am no expert but from the way i have read it on CIC you can only continue on implied status for your current employer as you can't legally work for another employer until you have the work visa in your hand as visas can still be declined even if you have an LMO. I would really check that out because they will be able see who is paying your wages by your SIN number and if it is a different employer than that stated on your current visa and you are on implied status than I think you may be in trouble, Like I say someone may be able to give you more accurate advice but I will not risk working for a different employer than that stated on my work visa. Also if you are sent a letter declining you extension as you are probably aware you will have 90 days from the date of the letter to restore your status but there is an additional fee for this and also you have to pay for the work visa again!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! However i am on a Post graduate work permit which means i can work for any employer right now.... so technically i can still work on implied status until i get the new WP as that will be changed to a employer specific WP...
  8. Thats great for you then so implied status will work and hopefully your LMO will be through within the 2 months they will hold the application. Good luck ;D
  9. i hope so too.. we got a letter from them a week ago saying we needed to send them a few more things so we did... just waiting on the decision now..

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