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No COPR but have valid PR Card

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ExpressEntryStarr, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone, We are PR holders and have completed our landing on 03 April 2018. We had moved back to our home country soon after and are returning to Toronto tomorrow (15 July 2019). We all have valid PR cards but forgot our COPR documents in our home country. I can get the COPRs mailed to us but that will take time and also may not be safe; so I intend to wait until someone we know comes over to Toronto and can carry the COPR documents for us.

    My question is, practically speaking would we need the COPR document for practical day to day purposes? I have listed below the most important things we need to do in the first few days and would really appreciate knowing from people's experience whether we need the COPR to get these done or would our PR cards be sufficient for each of these?

    1. Applying for a driving licences in Ontario.
    2. Some banking and related stuff: We have existing bank accounts and credit cards with RBC but would like to open a new investment account as well as change the old account type.
    3. Applying for a health card in Ontario.
    4. Renting / buying an apartment.

    Thanks so much for all the guidance in advance.
  2. Your PR Card is 'better' than your original CoPR's for all of that. The only time my wife had to show her CoPR (after landing of course) was for her SIN at Services Canada, but that was because she didn't have her PR Card by then as it was so soon after landing.

    Having said that, you really need to keep your original CoPRs. I would get someone to send them back to you by international courier (FEDEX, UPS, DHL etc.).
  3. Thanks! That's very helpful.
  4. While you do not need your CoPR for day-to-day purposes, you will need it at the time of applying for Citizenship, or potentially when you need social assistance after you retire. It is a very important document and you should keep it carefully.

    If you do lose your CoPR, you can get a replacement through this process - it's not exactly a replacement CoPR, but will be a document that contains the same information and can be used for any legal/government purpose.


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