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NNAS advisory report not comparable

Puneet Pawar

Oct 17, 2019
My spouse applied for RN in Canda.
We have been comleted the NNAS activity.
As per NNAS advisory evaluation result was not comparable.
Can anybody help what to do next if evaluation NNAS criteria is not comparable.
If we apply for CNO then chances of registration? Becuae i have to pay 361$ for CNO process.


VIP Member
Apr 5, 2020
So what does that mean? I can’t take RN exam ever in the future?
Are you citizen or PR? You need to be to practice nursing in Ontario and be licensed through CNO...all on the website. Have you read the CNO requirements.

As stated,
Once NNAS has authenticated and verified the required documents, and conducted its assessment of your nursing education, you will receive instructions for applying to the College. The College will not start your application process until we receive:

  • a request from you to begin the process of applying to register in Ontario
  • the fee required to begin the registration process
  • a report from NNAS about your nursing education, registration history and work experience
Have you registered with CNO too and received instructions from CNO that you can apply and begin the process.