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NEXUS Application

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ashu1710, Apr 5, 2018.

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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a Canadian PR that recently applied for the NEXUS program. I applied almost 2 weeks ago and my application is still in the "Pending Review" status. Does anyone know how long the process usually takes? I'm assuming they haven't started on my application yet.

  2. It has lately been taking a few months, so 2 weeks is too early to expect a reply.
  3. Oh, gotcha. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, i've been trying to see if there are any minimum requirements for a new PR to apply to nexus. would you be able to share your experience?
  5. nexus requires 3 years of living in Canada as a PR.
  6. What is the procedure to apply Nexus program by Canadian PR .
  7. Wait, really? I didn't know about that. I guess I'll get rejected, then lol. I've been a PR for < 1 year.
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    Hi Ashu,please update about your status because I read about the 3 years PR eligibility long time before .This is why I did not submit my application. see the link of my source of information:
  9. If you have lived for 3+ years in the US and/or Canada on any visa status I believe you can qualify.

    If you are in Canada on a PR for less than 1 year and never lived in the US either, then you may not be eligible.

  10. You have to live in the US\Canada for 3+ years as a permanent resident to qualify. Time spent on other visas doesn't count. Just got my rejection letter in the mail today. Was rejected for not meeting the residency requirement.
  11. sorry to hear that and thanks for the update
  12. hey!Nexus requires tree years of living in Canada
  13. Hi.. May I know when did you apply for nexus? I applied mid Feb and when I last called, they said they are doing background checks Thanks :)
  14. This is not accurate.

    The requirement is not 3 years as permanent resident, but rather includes any other forms as temporary resident such as TFW or Work Permit etc -

    In order to apply for Nexus you have to have PR but the time spent in Canada as TFW / Work Permit counts -

    Including myself many many others have received Nexus Basis recent PR award but majority of time spent in Canada basis Work Permit.

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