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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by christophermanucat, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hi guys... i just want to know what would be the next step after receiving approved SINP application... Would it be applying for a working visa in canadian embassy in port of entry??? thanks...
  2. Hi christopher, when did you received your LOA? Still no news with my application and its been almost 8months.
  3. hi ellen... i did not yet receive my LOA but i have received a request for additional requirements two weeks ago... they received my application last Aug 2010.... i am still waiting for the next step... i am just wondering what would be the next step if in case i received the LOA... do you have an idea?
  4. If you are under family members nomination ,the second step after getting Nomination Letter, is to submit your package as required to VO.
  5. hi Kanamen... thank you for your reply... i am under skilled worker category since i have a permanent job offer from saskatoon, saskatchewan... do you have an idea for the next step? thanks...
  6. hi guys,

    anyone of you can help about the next steps upon receiving the approval of nomination???... thanks....
  7. Hi,

    After nomination your next step is to apply for your TWP and PR; both are filed at the Canadian consulate of your country of residency.
    To speed up and avoid surprises later, get yourself familiar with the requirements for both processes (TWP and PR at CIC), perhaps you can even fill then up saving it on your PC now just don't date it.
    Quick note, all the federal forms submitted to SK are not over 6 months old, SK will ask you to update it later, so get ready.

    Did SK ask you for a doc called Code of Conduct? Look for it, file and send it now by email. It caught me by surprise as it was not listed anywhere.

    Good luck. :D
    NOTE: There is an update on the CIC forms detail. They are new. ::)
  8. Hi hope42010,

    Thank you very much for your reply... I already read the requirements for the application of temporary work permit and permanent residence.. But i will take a look on the updated CIC forms as you have said... SINP office emailed me 3 weeks ago requesting for additional documents (detailed job duties on my previous employer and the SINP-200-1 Net Worth form) but not the code of conduct form... by the way, when did you apply for saskatchewan nomination? did you receive your nomination already? are you also under skilled worker category? thanks...
  9. hi hope 42010,

    i have just read about the updated application for temporary working visa... thank you very much... but i cannot find the correct application for permanent residence... will i apply permanent residence as a provincial nominee or federal skilled worker? thanks...
  10. hi chris,
    how long did it take you to get SINP nomination?
  11. hi guys. can anyone give me ideas on the processing time of the sinp?my husband was applied under sinp by his employer july 2010.he received the certificate of nomination december 2010. his representative submitted the original documents to buffalo, usa together with the federal fees. (family included in the nomination). what would be the next step that he has to do and the fees that he still need to pay. when are we expecting the request for medical. we don't have ready money for the whole processing so we need your help for us to be prepared. thanks everyone

  12. hi mysteryocean,

    i didn't receive SINP nomination yet... i am still waiting...
  13. You are welcome, sorry for the late response I have been away for a while. :-\

    I believe the Code of Conduct is not an "official" form, I tried to get you a link for it but I failed. Basically it asks you to promise to be a good boy, pay taxes, live in SK etc; it's a two page form, simple and clear kind of a contract.

    I applied in May2010 and been nominated last January under NOC 7272 cabinet maker, currently waiting for CIC and also responding your other question. You will apply for PR under provincial nominee program.
    Advise: Don't take that long to return docs, they too take their time examining it, be on top of the game as you still have a lot to do ahead, learn and practice how to and file all forms, for example: get all the docs or info ready and in order. You will see that is well worth doing it.

    Good luck there. 8)
  14. hi hope42010,

    Thank you very much for the advises i really appreciate that... After you receive the nomination, did you applied for temporary working visa and permanent residence visa simultaneously? or you will wait for your temporary working visa first then apply for permanent residence visa?

  15. hi hope42010,

    I just received my nomination letter last March 12, 2011... I am now preparing my application for temporary working visa and permanent residence visa... hope to file it as soon as possible.... i am just wondering if i can apply them simultaneously or one by one only? thanks...

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