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NEW Thread for ACCRA Visa Office - Spousal Sponsorship Stream

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by maki22, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Hi..
    My situation is similar to yours..pls can we connect via mail..temitopeyak@gmail.com
  2. let’s hope it happens soon
  3. Hello everyone, is there any APP RECVD - Nov 19 here, who has gotten MR yet? Just checking, cos I haven't gotten any update yet.

    App recvd nov 19 2018
    AOR1 Jan 23 2019
    BM Feb 4
    SA Feb 7
    AVO Feb 19 2019
  4. Good evening my sweet friends on this platform..
    Please can anyone who have used the services of vfs global tell me how fast and efficient they are.
    I got request for updated forms and ircc indicated use vfs but since 15/4/2019 till today I did not get a confirm delivery update neither from vfs nor ircc Ghana office and its giving a great worries.
    I sent document and on receipt they wrote visa fee and in another part of the receipt they wrote passport transmission right now I am so confused.
    Can any knowledgeable member help me to understand.
    Thank you
  5. Hi everyone,

    Got medical request on 26th of April and today I got email requesting me to come for interview in two weeks time.

    Anyone with idea of what is going with my Application?

    Anyone with experience of this interview or possible question to prepare for?

    Wife and kids are PR and wife added me to her Application, thanks.
  6. Went yesterday and was ask to go back with my passport and original documents and today I got pre arrival,
    Good to us all.
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  7. Hi guys.
    I got Pre-Arrival today but no DM on ECAS or PPR.
    Should I be bothered?
  8. Any update on medicals yet?
  9. Got MR yesterday. Did you get?
  10. None yet, what about you?
  11. Hello, kindly share your timeline
  12. APP RECVD DEC 28 2018
    AOR1 FEB 21
    SA FEB 26
    AVO FEB 27th
    MR MAY 28
  13. Thank you
  14. Yes,I got MR on 31/5/2019
  15. Kinda crazy cos earliest appointment we got for medicals is June 13th

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