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NEW Thread for ACCRA Visa Office - Spousal Sponsorship Stream

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by maki22, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Am new here I did my biometrics last year July when should be expecting my visa is over six months now
  2. Hello everyone. I am one of the silent reader in the group and i am here to share my timeline and to encourage all silent reader/everyone still waiting for a positive result. My case was kinda complicated but God over everything. Today i got a positive final decision. My timeline below Application submitted April 20 AOR 1 May 25 We didn't received AOR 2 MEDICAL REQUEST SEPTEMBER 20 MEDICAL DONE OCTOBER 14 INTERVIEW REQUESTED JAN 28 INTERVIEW DATE FEBRUARY 6, interview lasted for more than 2hours. PRE ARRIVAL FEBRUARY 7 PASSPORT AND ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS REQUEST FEBRUARY 15 PASSPORT SUBMITTED FEBRUARY 20 FINAL DECISION MADE AND IT WAS POSITIVE COUNTERFOIL MARCH 8. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO HOLD THE FAITH. YOU'RE NEXT IJN. THANKS SO MUCH
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  3. Wow!!! Congratulations. What was the interview centered on? Why did it take 2hours?
  4. Accra Ghana. Like i said our application was kinda complicated, refugee claimant,second marriage and has been refused visa 3times.
  5. Hello all,

    My application was received 31/12/2018
    AOR 1 22/2/2019
    Biometrics Payment Request 28/2/2019
    SA 1/3/2019
    File transferred to AVO 11/3/2019
  6. Any reason why the file was transfered
  7. hey guys what does this statement mean "Reveiw required: Client Info"
  8. They might call you for an interview.

    Start reading your relationship evaluation and all.

    Good luck
  9. It's was transferred because it's accra office that will do issue the Visa.
  10. Had a baby last month, wife is the PA. I sent a CSE, they sent this mail:
    Which of them will be filled on behalf of the baby and the mum (PA). Is IMM 5669 and IMM 0008DEP needed?
    Thanks guys
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to this page. I am about to submit my application and was wondering a couple of things. My partner has many siblings (14 in total) and it is required to add them to the application ( they will not be accompanying him) , do they have to do a medical as well or just their names and birth dates is enough?
  12. Just their info. used incase any of them will be applying for a visa in the future and they need to claim her.
  13. I saw Decision made 2 weeks ago on my ecas how long should I wait for passport request.
  14. Hi, my timeline is close to yours(FT - March 30th). Hope to get medicals soon
  15. Hi all,
    I'm immigrating from Nigeria and after the long process of my application through the FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER (EXPRESS ENTRY) platform, I have been invited for an interview in ACCRA Ghana, I've been told to come with my passport as well as original documents of my education background and most importantly the previous proof of Employment.
    Now my issue is not knowing if I would be submitting my passport after the interview which might be a problem for me because I would then have to remain in Ghana till they are done with my passport as I can't travel back without a passport. How long would it take to process my passport And also what likely interview questions should I be expecting..

    Thanks and in anticipation of a swift reply... As my interview is next week on the 25th of April (Thursday)

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