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NEW Thread for ACCRA Visa Office - Spousal Sponsorship Stream

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by maki22, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. At the q life clinic the price for an adult is 35,000
    Then for the child 7 years of age is 27,000
  2. Can’t really tell in your Currency. In my country it was like $220 for my son urine, full baby check, eye check medical. In July . And it the same amount with adult and children no matter the age. Just that kids don’t do X-ray. And yeah u have to pay extra for X-rays too. Kids don’t do blood test but it still the same amount as adults medical fees lol
  3. Thanks for the info
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  4. Oh ok thanks
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  5. Please do you know if ikeja does medical exams too because q life is not free until November
  6. To be honest I’m not sure I only know of q life because that’s the one cic recommends and My medical will come in December so I don’t really have an experience of how to go about it.
  7. If u already have your medical request, click on the link on the medical instructions. It will give u names and address of all cic recommend hospitals in your country or state
  8. Thanks I did
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  9. You’re welcome
  10. Hi, So how did it go? Have u contacted another clinic and received a better appointment date? And which clinic ?
  11. Yes I dod, I contacted IOM ikeja and they got a spot next week so I booked. Thanks for the help
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  12. Hi I just want to have an idea of what to do if I get in the same situation of q life giving me a farther appointment date when it’s time for my medical..so did u send iom an email requesting a medical appointMent or u called them? Also how much do they charge for an adult and did they ask u to send your passport bio data page and the medicAl request letter via email to them? Your reply is highly appreciated.
  13. I called iom and they ask me to send message to their phone number and to add my email address so they sent mail to my mail asking some info like UCI,name, passport info etc with the available dates and fees. A-life charge #36,500 for adult while iom charging 46,500
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  14. Okay thank you so much for the info..goodluck in the rest of your application.
  15. Thanks and yours too
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