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NEW! Skilled Worker Overseas Stream - MPNP 2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by thepeg2018, Nov 16, 2017.

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    Applicants for the New! Skilled Worker Overseas Stream - let's all gather here!

    If you haven't read it on the MPNP website, there's a new stream for Skilled Worker Overseas. The renewed stream will offer a new pathway to nominate qualified applicants for the federal Express Entry program. Priority will be given to candidates with close family connections in Manitoba and spouses who have the language proficiency, training and experience to quickly find jobs in in-demand occupations.

    There will be two pathways:

    Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
    Human Capital Pathway

    Please visit the link below for more information
  2. "If the position requires licensure or certification, you must apply to the regulatory body to have your qualifications and skills assessed and/or pass an examination"

    Does this mean I have to get my professional engineering before applying?
  3. Yes, apparently.
  4. Is a connection to the province mandatory? ????
  5. As far as connections are concerned,what documents of friend would be required to attain points of friend???
  6. What about invitation issued under strategic initiatives such as Morden immigration is it going to change as well
  7. Accordin to this link,my frd have to fill that settlement plan form only.right???@uncle jacob
  8. Yes . ....it's for the connection to fill out
  9. N one scanned copy of pr is required apart from filling that form???
  10. Yes, if you're going to take the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway


    Demonstrate the ability and intent to become economically established and reside in Manitoba;


    Have the confirmed support of a close friend or relative who has resided in Manitoba for at least one year;


    Hold a valid Invitation to Apply issued by the MPNP.
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    I'm guessing that the Strategic initiative won't be affected because it"s a totally different stream but I may be wrong.
  12. I wish this strategic initiative stream comes to an end soon. It wastes my whole year waiting for it to end. Hope for the best in 2018. Hopefully it comes out to be a lucky year for all of us regarding immigration.
  13. I really hope so. Looks like the last Overseas Recruitment Mission in Manila is scheduled on November 20th – 24th, 2017. I imagine that there's going to longer wait times because of this stream (for existing non-express entry applicants) But I'm positive that with the New Manitoba Express Entry Pathway, it's going to be quicker because they said, priority will be given to applicants with connection in Manitoba thru either friend or relative.
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  14. Hi, can a diesel mechanic from India eligible to apply in this category

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