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New PR confirmation portal


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Oct 25, 2018
I wonder why it takes a day for some and weeks for others. What is being done at this stage?
i responded again today, for the first time i got an automated response for the IRCC . maybe they didnt get my others emails i dont know, but hopefully they send me the log in credentials soon .


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Oct 31, 2018
I will be nagging them with inquiries. I also don’t understand why there is no consistency in processing time, some get everything quickly others are on hold (I’m talking about PR card application)


Sep 21, 2020
Can somebody explain the new PR portal process to me? I received 3 emails from IRCC:
1st email: Ready for visa (Asking me to send my and my dependents' passports and photos to the visa office in Canada along with the address in Canada/US where they should return the passport)
2nd email: Says my application for PR is approved. Asking for a email address to send the link for PR portal creation.
3rd email: Says application for PR for my husband is approved. Asking for a email address for my husband for link for PR portal creation.

I had the following questions:
1. I have not received any update on my IRCC secure account. Is this normal? I am worried I am being phished. Why are they asking me for an email address to send this link to? Is this normal? Or will there be an update on my IRCC account?
2. Is the attachment on 2nd and 3rd email the e COPR? What does an eCOPR look like?
3. Is the eCOPR sufficient to come to Canada with?


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May 22, 2020
Dear @legalfalcon

I chnaged my passport while waiting for PR conformation.
Now, I got my ecopr with my old passport information? Am I eligible to ask IRCC to update the ecopr?