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New PR confirmation portal



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Oct 22, 2020
I got my CoPR on February 10th and I am still waiting for that PR Card. So almost 5 months

I sent them a very angry message about that, it's just not acceptable to have to wait so long for just a simple plastic card.
Corona is not an excuse anymore, it's been around for more than a year now and most companies have adapted. Imagine having to wait 5 months to get your credit card for example

This immigration system is such a joke... They honestly should be ashamed to provide such a poor service when they claim to be an immigration country.
You are lucky you got the status atleast.
14 months CEC inland no CoPR
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Nov 25, 2020
Hi Guys,
I got my ecopr june 20, 2021, but the status in gc key is still show submitted?
So, my question is that, it's a common?
Response is highly appreciated?
yes, this is common and I've seen people from this forum itself receiving COPR but Pr application was still not approved in CIC. It changed in couple of days for them.
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Jun 21, 2021
Just received my eCOPR on PR confirmation portal, application status also changed to “approved” on CIC portal.

CRS Score - 471
AOR - March 30th, 2021
PR confirmation portal 1st email - June 15th, 2021
PR confirmation portal 2nd email (login details) - June 16th, 2021
eCOPR - June 23rd, 2021

VO - Etobicoke
Congratulations.. i guess you're the lucky one, lot of people are waiting for their eCoPR confirmation from Etobicoke, including me.
Are you a single applicant ?
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Jan 19, 2021
You are lucky you got the status atleast.
14 months CEC inland no CoPR
Yeah sure but without the card your rights are very limited too, you can't come back to the country without doing a complicated process,. If your parents are in another country they can't come visit you because to prove that they are extended family they only accept the PR card a a proof of your residence etc...
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