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Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by HopeTrust, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. @quami
    Hey quami! Hope you are doing good.

    So, I looked into the CRA number thing and it led me to even more questions than answers.

    In brief,
    Can a person (employer) use an existing Business Number to hire a caregiver under this program? Do he need to make any changes to the Business Number, if the business dealt in real estate? Is any intimation to be filed to the government/CRA, before one hires a caregiver on an existing BN?

    Really appreciate your generous help to others!
  2. I cannot say for certain since I don't have any experience with that. Best to call CRA and ask them about your case
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  3. Hy guys..

    Aside from filling the letter, Sending the tax and NOA info is there any other thing needed from employer?

    Is it possible for someone to write step by step procedure for this with requirements please and thank you
  4. No one knows for sure yet what else they require..
  5. How long does it take to get a work permit anyone know?
  6. Hi please help...I want yo apply through the child care provider pilot but I only have high school education...I did 2years oug of 4 in college as an english teacher bug did noh finish...without a diploma can I get this assessed? Also Im planning to do a cpr coarse but they are too short here in Argentina.
    Does anyone think I have any chances? I case not what should I do. Please help me
  7. Get whatever formal education you have assessed. CPR course doesn't count
  8. But I haven’t completed my studies. What documents should I ask the college to give me?
  9. How about transcript of records?
  10. Hello? Any update to anyone who got their work permit already? What is the next step after the AOR and biometrics? How will I have to wait for the work permit? Can anyone share update their status, please?
  11. did you already went for biometrics. ?
  12. Oh no, not yet. Waiting for the AOR and Biometrics yet. I submitted this Nov. 4. Just curious, how long is the processing and what are the next steps to happen.
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  13. Does that mean my work experience in Home child care and ECA is enough. Was thinking of doing some Nanny training courses. Pls advise
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    I am a canadian employer looking for a suitable match. I did ask a lawyer that usually your annual income requirement depends on how many family members you have and what salary you are offering to your employee. It should be at least minimum legal wage per hour( e.g.15$/hr in Alberta) and at least 30hrs a week.
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