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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Its at the very bottom. Click to Expand and click on the blue hyperlinks.
  2. In the same boat!! Just my app reached Jan 12 i.e. 2 weeks before yours. LOL!!!

  3. Same here, Ecas for PA says we have started working on your application on Apr 3, 2018.
    But I highly doubt that they will have any update for me for next three month.
  4. looks like we are in the same boat. Jan 4th app received but April 3rd file processing started on New Delhi VO.
  5. I think NDVO people is not going to get official AOR2 by email/mail. We should considered "We have starter processing your application on DATES"
    as our AOR2.

    Guys please report your date here.
    mine is Apr 3, 2018
  6. mine is April 12, 2018
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  7. Hi All,

    I'm the Sponsor. Below is my wife's (Principal Applicant) application timeline.

    VO - New Delhi

    JAN 17.....Application received by IRCC
    MAR 3......AOR1 mail to Sponsor
    MAR 15.....Medicals Request mail to Principal Applicant
    MAR 19.....Medicals Done
    MAR 19.....Request Schedule A mail to Principal Applicant (PCC sent along with package)
    MAR 21.....GCKey Account linked with ECAS (PA)
    MAR 22.....Medicals Passed update in ECAS (PA)
    MAR 23.....Schedule A uploaded via Webform
    MAR 24.....Sponsorship Approval mail to Sponsor (No e-mail)
    APR 06......Schedule A received update in ECAS (PA)
    APR 10......PA's Application sent to NDVO for further processing. Mail notification to Sponsor (No e-mail)

    No update since April 10. ECAS status says "We are processing your application". Date Application Received: January 17, 2018.

    I've noticed few folks received AOR2 from NDVO. Just wanted to check if this is normal and anyone in similar state.

    Thanks !!
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  8. Everyone is in same boat waiting for Aor2 from NDVO. I doubt we will receive that email as NDVO has already started processing application as per ECAS. wait for next month hope we receive PPR request :D
  9. Why do you think so? I dont think there will be any link of 2017 application processing time with 2018. They have their target for 2018 and I expect we shall start receiving PPR request end of may.
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  10. Thanks. Let's hope for the best :)
  11. Mine is also Apr 3rd.
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  12. An old post by @qorax regarding BGC.

    #Background & Security Checks

    Note: Our Background Check comprises of 2 parts:
    1. The Standard Documentation Checks,
    2. The Security & Criminality Checks.

    Standard Documentation Checks:
    Our background check is done at the CHC stage. It commences the moment our file gets the 1st BFD by the VO. An indicator of which is the e-CAS that shows "In Progress". All docs been checked & our NOC being tallied against the MI, if the VO finds our case 'eligible' for Canadian PR, the file becomes 'Accepted'; and then it goes for standard background checks, viz. Exp, Quals, Adaptability, Qualitative Considerations etc.

    The process involves many things. If our case file is well presented and the enclosures vouch the quality-quantity, adequate POF docs etc., there might not be a requirement of 'actually' calling the employers, references etc. The VOs have a way with that, they are experienced enough to ascertain the logical disposition of our case. But, if there are any concerns of his/her, s/he is likely to ask for additional docs, do further scrutiny vide any means [calling, visiting etc.] & might ask for an Interview.

    -Culmination: When 'fully' satisfied, we get the 'Medical Request'.
    -Timeframe: Can be anything around 3-8* months, for the 'fast track' system (Avg. 4-5 months).
    -eCAS: Continues to Show 'In Process'.
    *The older system has a queue, thus can be longer.

    Security & Criminality Checks:
    A part of the b/ground checks is the 'Security Check'. It commences after our med results are submitted to the CHC. This is a major activity -mainly concerning our 'safe inclusion' into the Canadian Soil; vis-a-vis, Political, Socio-Econmical, Anti-Social disposition, perceived Threat to Canada's integrity etc. This gets us the SDEC, CDEC & SECCRIM.

    This is a serious & time-consuming stage, involving many agencies, including CSIS, Interpol, NASC, Database Checking & touch-base with Local Police. Many things are considered here... the No. of countries visited, Applicant coming from 'certain' countries, ex-Servicemen [including Law Enforcement services], Prolonged stay in a country w/out sufficient docs to prove cause, frequent traveling to certain nations, your *Name (?), Inter-Religion/Nationality Marriages etc.

    If everything is simple & straight, the file soon gets into the 'final review' stage. If there are any 'red flags', our case goes into a 'spin'. Then our file might go to the local Police/CID agencies; the outcome/timeframe of which is beyond the control of CIC. And thereby the timeframe can be anything [sometimes beyond 1yr]. But, usually this stage should be over by 5 months max. However, a point to be noted is that we can also be called for an Interview [at this stage], due to this reason.

    -Culmination: Only upon security clearance we receive the PPR.
    -Timeframe: Around 2-6 months. Avg. 3 months. [With new system, sometimes PPR is clubbed with Meds]
    -eCAS: Still 'In Process', but 'Med Results Recd.' inside.

    *Yes, that's how a certain Mr. Sharukh Khan was detained for 4.5 hrs in an US port. He was a VIP, thus 4.5 hrs. For u & me -things could be different.
    The Process in a Nutshell:

    Stage-1: [CIO stage] Send Initial Apps+Processing Fees to CIO-NS > Qualitative Check > Issue of AOR+120 days Letter >

    Stage-2: [CHC stage onwards] Send Full Docs+RPRF to the Local Visa Office > File on Queue > e-Cas: "Received by Visa Office" > Eligibility Check+PSDEC > Issue of 2nd AOR > Background Check > Issue of Additional docs Request [if any] > 1st BF'D > e-Cas: "In Process" > Send Addnl. Docs > Issue of Med Request > 2nd BF'D >

    Stage-3: Meds Sent > e-Cas: "Medical Results Recd." > Issue of PPR* > Send Passport/s > Security Check > Visa/s Stamped > e-Cas: "Decision Made" >
    *The Meds & PPR are sometimes 'clubbed' together.

    Stage-4: Return of 'Stamped' Passport/s+COPR > Landing at the POE > e-Cas: "Completed".

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  13. It is so sad to see the Speed for NDVO!!! :(

    I have no hope for completion before Sep/Oct 208 anymore!! This is also being a bit optimistic!!
  14. I agree with you man.
    This sick game of NDVO. I hate it. Loosing my mind overthinking about our application process. I had a high hope after March activities and now all of that went down in month.
  15. Not sure about this brother, They have done unexpected many times so I cant think of any good from them anymore. Never understands there processing system as it can take 18 days for visitor/study/work visa, but they need 12 months in total for Spousal.
    NDVO literately sucks. :mad:

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