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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Jan 10 applicant
    File Transferred 4 April
    PA and DM 30 October
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  2. We are feb 22nd applicant .. hopefully you’ll get it soon
  3. GCKEY UPDATE news; In Canada it will be unavailable from 1:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Eastern time, on Thursday November 1, 2018, in order to perform system maintenance. So we should check updates if any expected ONLY after this time. Apparently no updates Tuesdays as usual.
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  4. Assuming GCKEY is updated at this time, will the phone system also get updated with latest GCKEY data?
  5. I think they work or reply as per they are instructed. And if 1 phones them they would have the same updates as we could see. They may have more than what we see . For example file is being reviewed, U R OK in the system while guy did not have an AOR1 , which we couldn't see.
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  6. hope so...........i got in 2018
  7. Nop. Nothing for today. Let’s hope for the week and Friday
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  8. Is there any particular day in the week when NDVO issues PPRs or updates? When I got my pr ...it used to be Tuesdays.

    Also once we we get our passports back from NDVO after ..are we issued a CoPR letter?

  9. Hello All, can anyone please advise how much days VFS chandigarh to return the passport after stamping?
  10. Me too march applicant..processing starts since mid August..didn’t receive anything.
  11. How do i know,when my file transfer to NDVO ? My file applied on mid march and medical may and CIC file status shows processing starts on 15 August. What is the next procedure..can tou guys help me out,really confused!
  12. Is it necessary to visit the embassy and submit the file there ?
  13. Hey did u visited Chandigarh embassy to submit ur file or ur agent did?
  14. Hello Guys anyone has the link to VFS PP tracking. Looks like their website is down. Feels like CIC / VFS doeesn't want applicants to know what is going on.

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