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New Delhi (NDVO) 2018 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by spicysank, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. When u
    when ur file transfered to the ndvo? bcz i’m aslo a march 25th applicant
  2. I am also jan applicant. File went to NDVO june 12. My friend got PPR on oct 24. She was Feb applicant. But her file went to NDVO in may 26. I think may getting their decision and june will start getting now.
  3. On May 22 started processing
  4. Ohkk
  5. I wish so and praying for everyone to get something soon
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  6. Sure wil do
    I totally understand how painful it is.
    Im sure you will hear something from them very soon.im surprised Ndvo is processing jan, feb and march in a single month.
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  7. i think they are processing applications that were transfered to NDVO in May and June 2018
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  8. But Applicants are in waiting whose files transferred in June to ndvo
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  9. Not june .i guess just april and they have just started may
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  10. Just give it a little time
    Mine was transferred on 9th of may so probably thats why got it little early.
    I was thinking my turn wont be up anytime before december.Also i was going through this forum all the while and saw in the previous pages that march 2017 applicants recieved their ppr in dec 2017-jan 2018 .They were giving it just a month or two before their application received date turned 1 year mark.So me getting it by end of oct is a totally surprise for me.So they did speed it up a little so hang in there im sure your ppr is on the way.
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  11. GCkey Updates :- 4 me no updates as I guessed already but any one got GCkey updates by Sydney this Tuesday morning?
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  12. My guess is ; once the file is sent to NDVO then they do GCKEY or ECAS updates. But be4 that SYDNEY would do all updates. Sydney updates usually happen early mornings of Tuesday during System Shut downs for Mtc.This tuesday there was no note like that.
    2nd NDVO is doing great now. Not only FEB but they have issued PPRs to MAR files. It is amazing now as in the past very few cases would get Visa in 6 -7 months from NDVO.
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  13. I am hoping whose applications were received at NDVO in June month thay will start getting decision in Nov month. Wait is getting shorter day by day. Good luck Everyone.
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  14. I got prearrival yesterday.
    22nd Feb applicant
    20th June file transferred to NDVO

    Usually how long to get a DM and PPR after this?
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  15. I am confused since under your signatures you show that you had a PPR..oh OK now I am clear it should be in the past 4 yourself this present is spousal?

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