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New Canadian PR and Nexus Card (Indian citizen with H1B)

Discussion in 'H-1B Holders in the U.S.' started by Madhur123, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Hi Friends,

    I have lived continuously in the US for the past six years (not even a day outside the US). I am on a H1B visa and work in Michigan.

    I got my Canadian PR last month and will move to Windsor-Canada in May - 2018 after my son's school session gets over.

    I called CBP and they said I am not eligible for Nexus card as I have not lived in Canada on PR for three straight years.

    My question is this:
    1-Will my passport be stamped daily when I enter the US from Canada every morning ?
    2- How much of a hassle would it be to cross border daily without a nexus card
    3- Do I have other options (assuming I continue to work in the US and live in Windsor)
    4- Will my situation (living in Windsor and working in Detroit ) cause issues when I apply for H1B extension in 2019. My I-140 was approved more than three years ago.

    I thank you for your help on the above questions.

    Thanks and Regards
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  2. I am an Indian citizen with Canadian PR and today I got my nexus approved. Following was explained to me during the interview- 1) I get nexus card 2) I get global entry too and can use it just like American citizen. I have to use my USA visa (h1b) page through global entry kiosks to login. 3) I get TSA Pre too with no limitation.

    To summarize, You should have either Canadian PR or citizenship to get nexus which will give you both global entry and TSA Pre. If not, then you have to apply for global entry program which supports some 10 to 20 countries, then you get TSA Pre as part of it.
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  3. This is great info. Looks like cbp had updated their page about this program few weeks back.
  4. Hi Shaardu,
    Congrats, greetings and big thanks for the information. How long did you live in Canada on PR before applying for Nexus? I am planning to move next month (i already did soft landing a few months ago). One Canadian officer told me that I was eligible for nexus card while other told me that I would not be eligible as I have not resided in Canada for three years. before applying for nexus He said my current US stay of six years does not matter.

    Can you please provide your insights here.

  5. Moved to Canada recently and got Nexus conditionally approved. Was living in the U.S. for more than a decade. You should have lived either in the U.S. or Canada for 3 or more years and have either PR card or Canadian citizen or U.S. citizen is the eligibility I believe. Nexus application will let you know if you are eligible I believe.
  7. did you just leave your job in US during your move to canada? Curious since i am making a similar move
  8. The guys at both sides of the border dont know the rules at all. So dont just call CBP or CBSA. Both the guys will say that you need to have 3 years residency after PR. Thats totally wrong. The rule says that you should be here 3 continuous (i hate this rule) years in Canada and/or in US. For me too they told the same. Still went ahead and applied. Actually in the website we dont even see that there should be a continuous residency requirement but still they follow. When i applied while i was in Detroit (before moving to Windsor), they rejected for the above stupid rule. Then i had to stay for 1 more year without leaving the continent to make sure i had 3 years total in US and Canada and then i applied and received the card. At that time i had 1 year in Windsor and 2 years in US.

    All they need is that you have travel docs from both the countries and necessity to travel between both the countries.
  9. Are you living in Canada and working in USA? How has it been for you with respect to border crossing ? Do you know if daily commuting causes any issue while renewing for PR or citizenship?
  10. Good Info.

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