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Kamal Kaur

Jun 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

Canada provides amazing opportunity for people across the globe to immigrate by offering different routes like, express entry, PNP, business immigration programs. The only issue is lack of transparency and long waiting lines. But if someone gets through, nothing better than that in terms of invested capital to get permanent visa.

If somebody has resources of upto US$500K +50K admin fee to make an indirect investment in US through regional center, then getting US citizenship through their EB-5 visa Program might work for them. If someone just want to immigrate to a developed nation for better lifestyle and education for their children. US govt. provides up to 10,000 visas in this category every year, and by investing $500K in their TEA i.e targeted employment area, you get the visa for yourself and for your entire family, you get your money back generally after 2-5 years depending upon the maturity term of the investment, and you also earn some additional interest on this investment, though nominal like 0.25% to 0.5%. No language test requirement for any of your family members. So the actual cost for visa comes down to the admin fee and attorney fee (~U$10-15K). Somebody who is interested can search online about EB-5 visa or post their queries in this forum, and I will try to answer them.

-Kamalpreet Kaur