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New brunswick entreprenuer stream

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Sepauh, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. hello

    Anyone here who has applied for New brunswick entreprenuer stream. And timelines if you got selected. ?
  2. Have you made an exploratory trip to NB or Have you attended any of their meetings held. You should first do these, then only you will get an application from them. Where are you from.
  3. attended the Information sesssion
    Sent EOI
    Received ITA
    Sent Full application
    And waiting for the reply since 4.5 months
  4. It has been written somewhere else that it will take 19 to 24 months. Anyways its a PR.
  5. Right ! In case we get selected and nominated. The PR process with the federal govt after the nomination takes long.
    But how long does it really take to send nomination or refusal letter after the application is sent ? Any idea ?
  6. it will take about 8 months to get the nomination
  7. Thanks Yulie , that is if they approved the application i am assuming ,it is 7 months almost now
  8. did you get the reply?
  9. I attended the session in September 2018 in Dubai for new Brunswick entrepreneur program and now this program is temporary off, can someone help , when it will open, because i could not able to file the EOI now.
  10. can anyone know when new brunswick enterprenuer program will open ?
  11. Be prepared, will open soon, early next year.
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  12. Thanks.
  13. any lead when will new brunswick entrepreneur stream will open
  14. sir any lead how soon it can open. its almost the 10th of jan
  15. Hello Everyone,

    Can anyone tell what is the requirement for NEW BRUNSWICK ENTREPRENEUR STREAM ?
    How much investment and what are the steps for investment required from my side. ?

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