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New brunswick entreprenuer stream

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Sepauh, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. 250K to NB and 100K for a deposit
  2. @yulie wang

    If the applicant is here on the Visitor VIsa , can he initiate the application or he has to come on Business first first to attend their seminar cum workshop ?
  3. business explore visit is a must,and applicant must notify the immigration Office at first
  4. hello. any update on new brunswick entrepreneur stream
  5. hello. anyone filed their EOI for entrepreneur stream new brunswick
  6. I am looking forward for the NB PNP Entrepreneurial stream. Anybody from India in the same boat?
  7. have u applied EOI. any idea how long it takes to get a response
  8. hello mr wang, can you tell us after applying for EOI. how long it takes to get a response?
  9. you will not get a response if you are not prefered.if they have interested in you, they will normally send you an email in one month.
  10. So if we haven't heard anything after 6 months, it's unlikely they will send us an ITA? what is your recommendation? Thanks.
  11. yes,my momsuggestion is find an agency and let them submit eoi Again
  12. I have submitted my EOI application in Feb -2019 for new bruinswick enterprenure program and till today i have not received any reply.
    Can anyone tell me that what is time to get a reply from new bruinswick govt, my consultant told me it will take 90 to 120
  13. Tell you what, you will not get ITA from NB anymore
  14. for anyone who is interested in NB's entrepreneur program, please be NOTICED, you will not be invited if you have SUBMITED EOI in the past 12 months.
  15. I applied 11 months ago but don't get any response yet.

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