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  1. Hello all,
    Yesterday i called cic and got to know that my file had been transferred to NDVO since aug, so how can i know the status of my file? I have not received any msg and even m curious to know whether all is fyn or not?
  2. NDVO gives great peace of mind. You can forget about your application for 6-8 months and concentrate on better things.
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  3. Any historical trends? As per myimmitracker average processing time is 4 months from AOR to PPR
  4. Any whatsapp group for NDVO's ?
  5. Same here.
  6. Trust dude, Trus is the factor. NDVO takes more than 6 months for most of the cases.
  7. Why was my Canada Express Entry PR application moved to NDVO? Does it mean my application is at its final stage?
  8. Th
    Thanks ashutush
    But it was there till jan 29. Because I paid rprf on 29 jan. after that I mailed them about office address change than they mailed me that my file is transfer to ndvo. So next time any change plz contact ndvo. So that mean again all backgrounds check and all from starting.
  9. My aor is Dec 8
    Mep pass jan 15
    Rprf request 28 jan paid on 29

  10. Mate ! I ain't won't to disappoint u NDVO is slow office mine BGC started 1 week before I received PPR request ! Patience is the key hold on tight .
  11. I applied on Sep 2017 BC PNP and passed my medicals on July 2018. Waiting for PPR. I call CIC and they said my file has been transfer to NDVO. I am so confused because my back ground check is not started yet. till now no news Can anyone tell me what happens when file transfer to NDVO. Its going to be 6 months and no news. How long they will take and how to contact them. I am so frustrated please reply .Thanks.
  12. What does NDVO mean? Thank you
  13. New Delhi Visa Office
  14. New Delhi visa office
  15. Hi guys....I just got the reply from IRCC that my application has been transferred to NDVO.......what should I expect from NDVO....long Wait?
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