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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sanjeev31aug, May 21, 2015.

  1. I know, Gladossy! You keep saying that! Lol.

    Guess I need one more worth of patience, hopefully. Lol.

    I won't post anymore till I get a nomination!

    Later! Lol.
  3. Got 2nd ADR today. AOR 669

    - Personal Bank statement – Highlight salary amounts for 6 months
    - Employee ID Card
    - Employment contract
    - Pay Stubs

    Different case officer this time, Fatima Vayani (first was Andrea Morissette)


    Gonna try and send next monday
  4. Hi All,

    is there any advantage if you are married and have kids than to be single in the evaluation process?
  5. No, you will gain nothing from having spouse or kids. In a contrary as a married applicant you will need your spouse to contribute to your points in the EE system.
    It is advantage only then if your spouse has connections to NB.
  6. Some interesting facts:

    In 2015: 325 ITAs were issued, and 136 formal Applications were approved

    In 2016 (as of July 1): 886 ITAs were issued and 146 have been approved

    Only 18 families have arrived in Canada and done their landing under the NB Express Entry category (as of July 1).
  7. Can you provide some link please ??
  8. I just got invitation for the event Destination Canada (it will be in Paris and Bruxelles in Europe). Also I am now going through other province, if possible I will check upon New Brunswick to see their situation with applicants.


    Also for those can manage it to Europe, it is still possible to sign in that one (you shall have your EE ready and also resume both in English and French in order to be accepted there). Also be aware, that whole session will be in French. So it is better suited for French speakers.
  9. Dear vensak,

    Good to hear that, and if you get chance please ask the NB representatives that what is the status of people who have already send EOI?


  10. All,
    need help, I got the ADR on 27th October, asking for all children birth certificates and my WES, it is clear WES is Copy, however Birth Certificates was not clear is copy of Originals.
    Any idea who got the Nomination and submitted ADR, did you send originals or copies. (I sent copies, however my lawyer insists it should original)
    Appreciate your help

    My timeline: My PNP#: 1608xx
    Info Session: 20 July 2016 Dubai
    ITA Same Day: 20 July 2016 Dubai
    Documents Couriered: 4 Aug 2016
    Arrived NBPNP: 9 Aug 2016
    AOR: 16 Aug 2016
    ADR: 27 Oct 2016
    ADR Sent 29 Oct 2016
  12. wes report should be sent by wes not you

    birth cert. should be certified copies not only copy

    can you please share your number as 852 >>> 85* so we can tell how far they've reached
  13. Can you share NOC and priority range please
  14. Hi Guys m

    I also got Ist ADR on 27th of October 2016

    they requested

    • Birth Certificate of Spouse
      Declaration Commitment of Spouse

    But the issue is that my Express entry profile got locked and became ineligible while updating some information , now as per IRCC instructions on their website i have created new EE profile and sent the details to them with Additional documents , what do you think , they will proceed or not?

    My timeline: PNP#: 160Xxx
    Info Session: 13 July 2016
    ITA Same Day
    Documents Couriered: 4 Aug 2016
    Arrived NBPNP: 9 Aug 2016
    AOR: 16 Aug 2016
    ADR: 27 Oct 2016
    ADR Sent 30 Oct 2016

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