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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MannaGhose, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Info Session: 17th Jul
    ITA: 17th Jul
    AOR: 29th Aug
    No feedback after that....

    I have just gone through the whole thread and have few concerns on the information shared here:

    1. Original/Copy of EOI to be submitted with the application
    Original EOI was submitted to NBPNP after the info session and the document checklist only ask you to provide the copy of ITA and not EOI

    2. Declaration to be signed by spouse on a separate form
    Where is it mentioned? (Any reference) It only says, to be signed by Principal Applicant and the signature of witness.

    3. Photo specifications:
    People are sharing some sort of photo specifications, which is again not mentioned anywhere on the documentation checklist. It only says, "Passport size photographs"

    I will appreciate if you can share that the OFFICIAL channel of NBPNP, from where have got this information?

    Also, I would like to know regarding the ADR. What additional documents have been requested by NBPNP?

  2. Good questions nevertheless in my case I printed another form and asked my spouse and a witness to sign it, and in Dubai I asked the photographer to have the photos according to Canadian immigration as he has a list of almost every country with their photo specification

    as for ADR i guess it is on case to case basis
  3. Any idea what the international session on January 31st is all about? Is it going to be a virtual one over the web or what?
  4. aor 669 here, ADR sep 19th (sent them on the 20th and delivered on the 23rd)

    Still waiting as well.

    Why is there a new topic on NB? lol
  5. Does anybody have any idea about the "International Session" on Jan 31 2017 that just been announced on livinginnb.ca? will it be a webinar?
  6. Dear All,

    Hope you are doing well.

    We have received ITA and submitted all documents approximately two months ago. We have received a confirmation about the receipt of all documents however as on date I don't have any further communication.

    I understand on this string there are many who have received ITA and submitted all documents. Just wondering if any one has moved to next step (addition of 600 points by nomination and waiting for file to be picked in the draw or already picked). If yes, please share the time lines.


  7. Please are you a priority one applicant or you attended an info session. If yes, pls what date was it and where. Congrats on your ADR.
  8. Please are you a priority one applicant or you attended an info session. If yes, pls what date was it and where. Congrats on your ADR.
  9. I got nomited! Below is my timeline;

    AOR NO: 617

    ITA: July 4th 2016, Hong Kong information session ,spot ITA

    Full app received : 11/07/2016

    AOR: 15/07/2016
    ADR: 05/10/2016 (form corrections)
    ADR received : 11/10/2016
    Nomination: 24/10/2016 .
    Waiting time: 3 months 9 days ( ~101 days)
  10. Dear All,

    My AOR date was 18 Aug 2016, my spouse IELTS expired on 18 Oct 2016, I know that they will need new IELTS and she did it, but we requested a rechecking for the marks, so if they will reach to my application and will find the IELTS expired, they will reject the application or they will contact me to ask for new IELTS?

    Please advice

    Best Regards,
  11. They will ask for new IELTS TRF.
  12. So they will not reject the application and how many days I will be given to send the new IELTS?
  13. You have to send them the original IELTS immediately. At any point of time during application review, if any changes in the status which affect the basic points, will automatically disqualify the application. Immediately send them an email stating that the IELTS expired and you will be sending the new IELTS.

    I have sent an email to them asking the same issue and they replied to me to send the new original IETLS.
  14. Wahab,

    Will this IELTS matter reduce any points from 67? if it reduces, then immediately send the IELTS to them, do not wait for them to inform you as this will further delay the process.

  15. Hi Alwin,

    I sent them an e-mail to ask and they said to send the IELTS, the problem that we have the IELTS but as I mentioned before that I sent the results for rechecking so I am waiting to receive the original report from IDP.

    My question, will NB send me to request the new IELTS or not and if yes, how many days I will have to send them the new IELTS?


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