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Name switched on TRV

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sunny9893, Sep 11, 2018.

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    Hi, i have doubt on my TRV stamp. I applied for TRV and send my passport. Application was approved and i got my passport with new TRV stamp with new expiration date but when i noticed before on my TRV stamp my name is like surname , first name as usual but now, in surname section my full name is mentioned and first name section is empty. Is there any issue if i try to re-enter in canada ? Can anyone please help me ? I really need help because i have to travel outside of canada.
  2. Could be. you should send IRCC web form about your concern.
  3. You need to check:
    1. How your name appears in your passport
    2. How you filled your name in the TRV application form
  4. Okay, i will do but how many days they will take to respond me because i have to travel after a month
  5. On passport surname and given name wisely mentioned and i filled my name on application my full name together in fisrt column
  6. Do you have permits or other docs in Canada?
  7. Yes, i have valid work permit for 3 years.
  8. Is the name correct on the permit? Also, I assume that's the permit you used to obtain the TRV
  9. Yes, everything on work permit are correct and even on TRV everything perfect except name switched. Moreover my name spellings also
  10. That explains why your TRV was issued the way it was issued
  11. Oh i see, so can I travel outside canada if i want with this TRV or it will create any problem when CBSA officer asked about visa after returning back ?
  12. It won't be a problem as long as the name/spelling matches your passport.

    You could try requesting the visa office to re-stamp your visa with the correct name/family name as per your passport. Not sure if they will accept your request, but you can certainly try
  13. What if i confirm from CBSA office it would be okay or not? Because when we have to enter they have to check so is it okay ?
  14. Your TRV must be acceptable to airline officials so that you can first board the flight. CBSA is on the distant horizon until you board the flight
  15. Oh, So you mean i will also have to confirm from airline in which i have to travel right ?

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