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Name Split on Indian Passport

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Gurindar, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Well its a common problem as informed to me for Indian Passport holders with various reasons .

    My Problem
    My Indian passport while I became PR of Canada has my full name "XXXXX XXX XXXX" in Give Name and Surname as blank , though i have a surname in my full name (marked) . It was mistake needed to be rectified but couldn't do so .
    Now as you all know in Canada/US your surname is mandatory field , having said so ideal scenario is to put your whole name in your surname to counter the enforcement . I did that .
    Now my Indian passport was about to expire and my PR card is almost 9 months away from renewal - I have decided to split my name properly and get it consistent across all my Canadian IDs and PR Card .Having read numerous posts at the forum itself . Now as per Name split process without requiring any Legal Name change I have renewed my Indian passport and now Surname field has "XXXX" and Given Name has "XXXXX XXX"
    1. As PR Card or Landing Document was provided to me referencing my Indian Passport , Can i again refer my corrected indian Passport( Not a Legal name change its a Name Split logically ) to correct my name and then refer the PR card to Service Ontario to change ( SIN , Health Card and Driving License ) ?
    2. Do I need to go Legal Name change process ( which to me is not Name change Logically and is lengthy Process) to first get updated my Canadian IDs and then use that Legal Name change certificate to leverage PR card renewal with Name change .
    I would prefer option 1 , but will it be successful for sure if I explain the problem to CIC or do I need to go via option 2 . Expert opinions please
  2. would be pleased to hear from people have been in same situation and if can share the experience .
  3. @scylla Can you please guide ,if you have knowledge on the scenario ?
  4. I started this thread to get straight answers but unfortunately the weird problem it was - There was no sure shot directions to correct the problem statement described at the start of the thread .

    As i have gone through the whole cycle of correcting my passport , Canadian Federal/Provincial IDs and last not the least PR card successfully today , I thought it becomes necessary i share within this forum .

    Actually the process takes 4 Months , if every step is cleared within normal stipulated time . for me it took 7 months .

    First Step((Mid Feb to Mid March) - Corrected my Indian passport which was about to expire and waiting for renewal .
    - I used correction along with renewal as an opportunity of completing two things in one shot .
    - Passport renewal checklist has this option -  If given name or surname is only sought to be split:
    1. Please ensure that the form is filled as per the desired name
    2. Written declaration explaining the reason you want your name split
    I followed this step and filled my form in beginning of February and around the time of the start of this thread - I have the Indian Passport renewed with name splitted as intended .

    Second Step ( Mid June - End of Aug) - As you would have noticed that i was in dilemma when i asked to pursue legal name change process in Canada , OR try to write a cover letter to CIC while my PR Card renewal to explain the situation and hope its just works ( I have read for only person it worked - could be a kind visa officer) . One if it would have worked - I would have used my updated PR card to change federal/provincial IDs/Docs . Chance of latter working in my favour were low as it could be possibility that visa office would not have entertained my cover letter or explanation and would have requested a legal name change document or if would have agreed and reflected changes to PR card . May be Federal or Provincial Govt agencies would have asked for the legal name change document instead PR Card as an Proof. I chose to go with Legal Name change Process first .

    I filled Form Number: 007-11155E "Application to Change an Adult's Name" and went to below address for Submit in person along with completed form, payment(137$) and required documents/proofs . Good part of going in person "oath" and all happens within the same office which is time and effort saving aspect .

    47 Sheppard Avenue East, Unit 417, 4th Floor
    Toronto, ON
    M2N 5N1

    As per office it take 8 weeks to get the legal name change certificate if and all everything is correct. I had a bummer where i assumed the officials in office will ensure everything is fine with documentation and proofs , and unfortunately i missed one signature in the long application form . After applying around Mid June , Around Mid of July i get the whole application back to be asked to put the god damn signature . I fumed like hell for 1-2 days in anger . Gathered my patience and sent the documents again and reviewed it "n" no of times before dropping it to the Canada post office .

    By around End of August I have the Legal Name change certificate with me .

    3rd Step ( One Day ) Again i was dilemma shall i update my federal/provincial documents now that i have a legal name change document or do I wait once my PR Card gets updated and then go for it . I was sure about provincial ( OHIP and DL ) IDs has nothing to be worried about , but was not sure of SIN , As SIN and PR Card are both federal documentation . On some day i chose to ignore my delimma and went to update successfully my SIN , DL , OHIP . Please note SIN gets updated in Service Canada whereas DL and OHIP in Service Ontario in case of Doubts .

    Huuuuuuff so 3 Steps are covered , now it was time to put a final nail on the box.

    4th Step - ( End of Sep - End of Oct) . Finally i was ready with my PR Card renewal application , Where is checked the check box for "Legal Name change" and provided the necessary proof . It took almost a month Today I received my PR Card renewed successfully with name splitted as intended.

    The long wait of correcting my documents are finally over , Took almost 7 months but as I said if you are ready for above steps reading above information and you are living in Ontario - All these steps will minimum take 4 months and people bit lazy like me could double the time :) .

    I hope my experience helps somebody who is in similar problem .

    Thankyou , I can sleep peacefully today .
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