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MyCIC Application Status "Cancelled"

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kuljeetsingh, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Dear Friends,
    I applied visitor visa online for a friend's mother. Now after 15 days the status is showing "cancelled". There may be 2 reasons of this status:

    1) an administrative error was made and your application needs to be re-created by CIC, or
    2)CIC determined that you do not need the status/document for which you applied.
    I am sure the second is not a reason for visitors from India. May be first one.
    Now I just want to confirm that it may be an administrative error not a refusal? I have informed CIC through case specific inquiry web form. Will CIC do something to correct this administrative error or I should understand that the case is refused and cic does not want to process it.. I feel that CIC should give some information in either way.
    Your comments will be appreciated on my situation.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Is there no 'message' in the MyCIC account for this application?
  3. No there is no new message. 2 old messages of confirmation of receipt of application.
  4. Thanks simplyaddo for your reply.
  5. 30 minutes ago I got an email from CIC that your application is updated. But nothing was changed in it. No new message. Does it give signal that my application is in process.
  6. Did the status change from something else other than "canceled"?

    If not, then the email was just a delayed notification of the cancellation.
  7. Dear bellaluna,
    Thanks for your reply. The status is not changed. Still "Cancelled".
    I just want to ask that is this an administrative error? Because if the case is refused then I will get the refusal letter..One more thing in "Final decision" there is "Not Started".
  8. Seems like the answer was in your original post, CIC will have to recreate the application if it was an administrative error and you don't think #2 applied to you.
  9. Thanks bellaluna...
  10. hi @kuljeet, please update! Facing the same issue
  11. Hello @bhavnabhavna and @kuljeetsingh, can you please provide an update. I am facing the same issue.
    How was it resolved? Did CIC create another profile or update the existing one? How long did it take?
    Thank you
  12. Hello i am facing same issue for my mother visa application made for trv now can you please let me know what to do ??
  13. hi..aNy update?/ i have the same concern

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