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My AOR over 10 months


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Oct 1, 2018
Hi, guys
My AOR is 11/5 2018. My application is stucked at reviewing eligibility(IP1) and nothing changed after the MP. I only got a HK PCC ADR on 23/5, and no signs showed they had received my PCC ADR. So I uploaded HK Police Receipt from my portal to IRCC. The ADR status changed to : The AD you provided have been uploaded. And nothing happened after that.
Few months ago(after waiting six months), I got my GCMS. Nothing started except reviewing my eligibility. I was under Review Requied for POF and my case was assigned to cb01126 in Sydney VO. Guys, do you have any suggestion about my application. It seems that the waiting is endless if your case has been assigned to cb01126. My case is PNP of Saskatchewan.
Thank you very much! I and my wife are feeling so helpless right now.
Hey man, did get any updates recently?


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Nov 22, 2018

I applied my file on January 10,2019.
File still stuck on review eligibility.
Applied gcms on august 11 that shows MI3 officer review required. But file was not touched after march 16.
Again applied for gcms on July 11 but now they did not send my notes even after 50 days this time. I have even replied to Atip email still no response. Generated the CSE but no response.
Online and customer service still say file is under review eligibility.
Only 2 months of work permit left.

Any advice