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MPNP draw#45

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by guoguostar, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Hi, guys. I m Draw#45, submit all document the first week in July, Status:received
    any one in the same draw, could share update and timeline. Good luck for all of you
  2. same here still
    Status is Received
    Any changes in yours?
  3. I am from draw 45:
    Submit date 11th August, SP2 submitted on 7th September, SP2 acknowledgement on 21st September, Current status is received since then. Anyone else please share the timeline
  4. MPNP-Skilled worker in MB, DRAW #45 Timeline:
    May 31 - LAA Received
    July 11 - Application submitted
    July 12 - File number received
    October 23 - employer interviewed(phone call)
    October 23 - information and support documents requested(email)
    October 23 - status updated: Assessment processing
    October 24 - applicant interviewed(phone call)
    October 25 - support document submitted
    October 31 - status updated: Assessment completed
    November 15 - email received--confirmation of nomination ( But the issue date of nomination letter is 31,Oct)
  5. good luck buddy
  6. any good news from your side, good luck buddy

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