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MPNP- Business 2017

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by bchatila, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. hi any update from your end?
  3. Guys, I got my GCMS note last friday.

    I noticed my application was Put Away (PA) since June, guess it was as a result of my IELTS result.

    My file was open again Oct 22 after submitting my new result. At the moment my GCMS reveals that criminality, infor sharing and security seems competed, hoping for eligibility final review soon.

    Also, according to the note my medical due is February 2019 approximately a year after AOR receipt

    Guys, I suggest we all order our GCMS notes to have a clue of our files location and assigned officers notes/comments on our files, I believe this will give us some relief

  4. Guys I suggest we all order GCMS note, especially for those of us overdue for medical request and ppr. Trust me guys, it's alot of relief for me now. At the moment, I know where my file is with confirmation that an officer is working on it.

    Our long wait shall end with Joy and happiness

    Cheers Guy,
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  5. Aqib any update from your end? have you received your MR?
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Hi All,
    The last update I gave was early October, since then nothing much has happened. My case is still under review...
    Glad to see some good news for some of the folks here! wish you all the best once you get to Canada:)
    Hope we can all have that amazing feeling soon :)
  8. Hi guys, this to inform you I finally got my MR today and PAL 30-03-2019
  9. my timelines below

    Exploratory trip - Feb 2017
    Submission of EOI- Feb 2017
    LAA - Feb 2017
    Application submission- April 2017
    Application receipt- May 2017
    Pre Assessment Notice (PAN) - Sept 2017
    Replied PAN -Oct 2017
    Interview - Oct 2017
    Nomination Approval - Oct 2017
    Deposit - Nov 2017
    Nomination Certificate letter - Nov 2017
    Application to CIC for PR - 13 Dec 2017
    Acknowledgemet recpt AOR- 5 Feb 2018
    ADR 26 June 2018 IELTS
    Response to ADR 20 September 2018
    Procedural Fairness Letter 23 January 2019
    Response to PFL 05 March 2019
    Pre- Arrival Letter 30 March 2019
    Medical request - 04 April 2019
    Medical Done: awaiting
    PPR: waiting
  10. Congratulations, it seems your Journey of long awaited moment has come to an end, Best of luck.
  11. Guys anyone from new application system?
  12. thanks bro
  13. You are welcome,
    I submitted my application in Feb and I received the acknowledgment on 6th Feb, being senior what do you think how long I have to wait?
  14. 6th Feb 2019?

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