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Moving to Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by General_richard, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Hello all,
    I am mbbs doctor doing private practice for last 3 years. I have taken ielts. Scored 6.5
    According to a calculator I have scored exactly 67 points.

    Now I don't intend to work in Canada as doctor... Can I still apply for a PR?
  2. thanks for replying.. I am Not aware about CRS score. I just calculated the score which is supposed to be atleast 67..thing is do I need to clear any Canadian medical licensing exam and he eligible to take up the job of a doctor there..? Or is a recognized degree enough for PR?
  3. You need to educate yourself on the CRS score. The 67 score is the FSW score which is the minimum you need to qualify. You then need to calculate your CRS score to determine your chances of being selected.

    Your degree is enough to qualify for PR however it won't allow you to work as a doctor once you get here. To work as a doctor once you get here, you will need to go through a certification process that takes many years to complete. Please research this process before you come here since it's a long process and there is no guarantee you will be able to practice medicine again if you come here. Many doctors who move here have to take up other professions.
  4. What kind of doctor are you? Your statements are confusing; do you want to try to practice medicine in Canada or not? Where did you study medicine or do your residency? Physicians need to think really hard before relocating to Canada.
  5. Hello,

    I intend to take up a different profession in Canada. I don't intend to practice medicine there.
  6. I haven't done any specialization / residency.
  7. I intend to take up different profession. What is a CRS score.. If it's low, can I never get a PR?
  8. Crs Comes out to be 297.. According to.Calculator on

    So this means I would never get a PR?
  9. 336.. According to cic.gc.ca
  10. Still very low. You should see what you can do to increase your score.
  11. So in this case I am ineligible to apply,.. Or I can apply and I would have to wait until the cut off score drops below 336?
  12. It will never drop that low.
  13. But can I apply still? And improve it if the opportunity comes?

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