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Mississauga Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by mohammad2222, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Congratulations!
    Do you know what to do to be able to vote for the upcoming election?
  2. Contact elections Canada....
  3. when did u receive the Oath Letter?
  4. Today status of our application is changed to Decision made, please the spreadsheet

    But it is not changed for my son, is this usual?
  5. It’s the same for me. Both my children have In process for their application status even when mine changed.
  6. Thanks, I am not sure. I'll check on Elections Canada website. However Judge did mentioned the upcoming elections.
  7. I received the oath invitation on September 20th. About 3 weeks after my test.
  8. Nothing specifically complicated, you can check this video out to know what/where/how to do:

  9. You took no time to join this fringe group of bigots. Congrats!
  10. 1. Well, joined them in 2005 sir, when I applied for PR. It's been 14-yrs. now.
    2. The post was about what/where/how to vote. Nothing to do with the speaker.
    3. You have an opinion (I respect that), so do I.
  11. Hi everyone, i had my test done last month, it is almost a month and I havent heard anything about the oath yet? Is there anyone who had his test last month and havent heard anything about oath yet.
  12. I had mine about a month earlier as well. Nothing about oath yet.
  13. Hi, I have test tomorrow in Mississauga and I only received email not fisical letter can I go with it?
  14. Print your email
  15. The pdf document attached to your email is your official invitation to take the test.

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