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Minor / family ties

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Kitkat2018, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I am applying to invite my brother during his vacation. After his break, he will be entering his last year of high school.

    How do I show he has ties to India?

    So far, I have gathered proof of tuition payment and letter showing his school vacation period.

    My parents and I both have assets.

    I was invited by my cousin long time ago and I returned back home. I was going to show proof I left / returned Canada multiple times.

    Should I mention he is going to be checking out schools? Or not?

    Please advise. Thank you.
  2. No don't mention that he will be checking out schools. Proof of your parents assets (salary, savings, property, etc) and proof of payment for his last year of high school are the most important.
  3. Thanks for answering my question :)

    I heard a rumour that the # of tourist visas refusals has been increasing. Is this correct?

    Also, if he is refused the first time, how long should I wait before submitting it again? Thanks.
  4. Probably more people applying and so more refusals.
  5. Thanks again for replying ;-)
  6. Hey guys must minors under go upfront medical exam if visiting Canada for only two weeks?

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