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Minimum wage for internship and unpaid internships

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by johnjkjk, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Question on pay:

    What are the laws regarding minimum wage for the likes of an internship or work experience (no contract), that offers only a stipend?

    Are unpaid internships legal?

    Also, is the minimum wage calculated before any deductions for the likes of employer-provided accommodation, which has to be paid for and in which you have to live.
  2. Yes - unpaid internships are certainly legal.

    FYI - unless you're a Canadian citizen or PR - assume it will be impossible for you to obtain a work permit for an internship (you need a work permit to accept an internship even if it's unpaid).
  3. Thanks for replying. I do mean as a PR. I've read the following, according to which there are very restricted circumstances under which an internship may be unpaid:

    It seems that unpaid internships are only legal if its part of a formal training programme? I've come across a few internships in an area of interest, where no salary is paid, but some in-kind benefits are provided such as on-site accommodation. From the above this seems to be illegal but if one points this out, they could just ignore you since they seem to be fully booked year on year?
  4. The requirements acutally aren't that restrictive at all (at least not for Ontario). #2 and #3 are in isolation. But #1 includes an absolutely massive amount of people. And you only have to fulfill one out of the three conditions. Do you know how many schools have co-op or optional co-op programs? Tons. The internship positions you've come across are quite likely filled mostly or completely by people from these co-op programs (again, if you happen to be looking in Ontario).
  5. I am not referring to such training programmes. I'm fully aware of co-op programmes and these are an integral part of a formal training programme and so seemingly excluded (in Ontario) from minimum wage laws.

    The internships that I am eyeing have nothing to do with such kind of training programmes whatsoever.

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