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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Fernandita, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Hello, I would like to find people who apply oultand via Mexico... I want to know about their interview.. what is next after interview?

  2. Hola. just wanted to say hi. Ill be applying outland via Mexico too.
    Have you been call for an interview already??
    I would like to know as well about the interviews...seems like all Mexicans are call for one...feel like I should be preparing my self.

    OKAY. good luck!!
  3. Hola, I applied inland but is taking soo long so I may apply outland via Mexico, Yes it seems all mexicans are call for an interview.. :( Hopefully they are nice and everybody there get their visa....
  4. i dont want to be called for an interview, i get nervous so easily, but there's no way i wouldn't know the answer to any of their questions regarding our relationship.

    anyway, saludos a todos.
  5. I dont want either.. but I guess is not optional... :D ???

    Hopefully everything goes well for everybody in Mexico...
  6. Hi there!

    I also applied outland through Mexico City. I mailed my application on Sept. 16th, it was sent to Mexico City on Oct 16th and I got a response from them on Nov. 6th saying that they had already received it, they said my application was incomplete and that I had to mail them my Departure Order (Didn't get deported, left on my own, but I still got that letter) I went to the embassy like two weeks after that and dropped it off. I just got an email saying that I have to attend an interview on March 23rd. They haven't asked me yet for my National Police Certificate so I find it odd.

    I've also been arguing with them endlessly, because first they said that they wouldn't ask me for an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada, it takes a year to get), they said it was an error and that I didn't need one (I still have the emails when they said that to me). I checked back with them like 6 months later to ask them if they had fixed it, and they now told me that I DO need one, but that they wouldn't charge me the $400 CDN fee due to the "inconvenience" pffft, can you believe that!? Then on a separate email they told me that I could discuss about the ARC at my interview, so I'm taking the emails as proof.

    What do you guys think? My case is very confusing! But I got surprised that they gave me the interview so soon! Any news with you guys?
  7. Geez! What an ordeal! What exactly is a departure order? I'm assuming you were in Canada and came back to Mexico to file? Is that why you need an ARC? We're in the US right now and Miguel will go down there when they either schedule an interview or give the PPR. I wonder if he'll need a departure order from the US....

    Our case is almost as frustrating... we originally asked for our file to be processed in Mexico City (because he has overstayed his permit and has not been lawfully admitted in the US for a year), but I guess because we live in the States, they sent it to Buffalo to process. Three months later, Buffalo is like "oh, we can't process this - it needs to go to Mexico". Well no kidding! Anyway, now they're transferring it there and told us to wait 90 DAYS before inquiring about it. 90 days?! Why on earth would it take so long to send a file over?? Anyway, we're not super-thrilled about this, but what can you do, right? So we shall do what everyone else here is doing - wait and hope for the best!

    We'll keep yall posted as our D.F.-adventure continues :) And let us know how your interview goes! Good luck!
  8. DO you need an ARC because you stay illegal in Canada? Im going to try to apply for a student visa so I can stay here while my application is in process..
  9. Hello again!

    Well my case is very complicated, I was a minor when I entered Canada, my dad took my family and me there and he applied through as a refugee (pfft) I was just your average 17 year old teenager living life. I met my wife at high school, then well the application got denied, we kept on the paperwork, but we were never deported, we left on our own, (I was an adult by then) but even so when you leave like that, they give you a departure order. The thing is, that according to the law, minors and accompanying members of the main applicant do not need an ARC to go back to Canada, but I tried to visit a year ago, and they said I did need one, they obviously didn't let me in, but in the emails they said I didn't need one. That's why it's so confusing! ???
  10. Oks.. Well just let us know how is the embassy in Mexico.. I may apply there but I want to know how works there because I dont want to have another surprise like here with inland application...
  11. Hi! I just wanted to update you with my news. My husband just went to his interview in Mexico City. Long story short, at the end of the interview the woman who interviewed him said that she okayed his interview and will put it thru as positive but he will have to wait up to 2 months to receive the letter with the final decision....Has this ever happened to any one else?
  12. Hi, what was the actitud of tha woman? Did she just ask about your relationship? How long was it?
  13. he said she was ok, but asked a lot of questions about everything. She was mexican and he said he was there for over 1 hour...i am just happy that the interview is finished and i hope that he gets approved soon!
  14. Ohh really!! mexican I thought that only canadians can work in the embassy..
  15. Congrats! I'm sure you guys will be approved! When did you file your application?

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