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Medical surveillance notice

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by jbhkaur, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    We got email today for medical furtherance notice.

    Is there anyone who knows what it is, why we get that email and when we get that email.

    Our case is parents sponsorship 2017, dad has medical issues and we got procedural fairness letter that we have not replied to yet.

    My parents in Canada on supervisa.

    Thanks for replying
  2. Thanks so much for replying. Really appreciate it.

    I actually read the article, but what I understood is it is for people who get approved they need to go for follow up.

    I mean people get this once they are approved as permanent resident, but what I am worried about is we haven’t received any approval as of yet.

    What do you think of this.

    Please reply
  3. patience.....you will hear from IRCC.

    Some visa holders have a medical condition of public health significance in Canada. For this reason, medical surveillance will be required upon their arrival in Canada.
  4. Is i a good sign to get medical surveillance?

    QUOTE="Wakki, post: 7512983, member: 699284"]patience.....you will hear from IRCC.

    Some visa holders have a medical condition of public health significance in Canada. For this reason, medical surveillance will be required upon their arrival in Canada.[/QUOTE]
  5. Hi,
    I am in the same boat.
    I had a case of TB in the past which was cured completely. I was given the work permit based on the doctor's report who treated my case.
    Now I am in Canada and applying for a PR. I got an email for
    Medical Surveillance

    Surprisingly the email went to the attorney who got my Work permit renewed after one year.

    He forwarded it to me. What do I need to do? Should I visit my GP or wait for letter from IRCC?

    I have not yet submitted my application - but I went for an upfront medical exam.
  6. I am in a similar situation as yours. I am on a work permit, applied for permanent residence but still to accept the invitation and submit the application. I did upfront medical test and got a mail from CIC that I need medical surveillance. I dont know if I can submit my application now or decline the invitation and wait for the surveillance to complete. Could you please give your thoughts?
  7. Call Public Health Toronto. Speak to a lady named Anita. She is a TB Nurse.
    Most probably a lot of these emails have gone out in error.
    When I spoke with her she took my case and went and checked with IRCC and they confirmed i don't need any follow up or surveillance.
    Your case may be similar.
  8. Hi! Newbie for this forum. I got my student permit with medical surveillance notice for inactive tb which I need to comply within a month after I land in Canada. Can someone help me and share what you did to comply this. Thank you!
  9. I just called the department of public health in Toronto and they looked at my case ,they spoke to the doctor with whom I recently got my upfront medicals done and they confirmed by email that I DO NOT have to take any actions.
  10. Thanks for the info. Where you did your upfront medicals? How long did it takes after receiving an email from the time you call them?
  11. h
    Do you have any idea how much time it takes to complete medical surveillance and in regular cases is there any need for regular follow up visit to doctor for check up. As i will be coming to Canada for short time only initially.
  12. I already call to public health authority and talk to the TB nurse. I already did fax my medical surveillance form with them. 2wks passed and still no update, no email, no mail re my case. How long will I wait for the next step?
  13. Which province are you staying. I think u should send a reminder to them
  14. Scarborough ON. I think I need to call them again.

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