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Medical exam

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Ivyrichmia, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Hi can someone help me please. My partner just had his medical done in the Philippines however the doctor told him that his xray showed abnormal result so he have to undergo sputum test for 3 consecutive days and after that we have to wait for 2 months for the result!!! but we are sure that he is not sick or anything he dont even smoke or being exposed to people with TB. Can he go to other panel physician just to submit his medical report even though he already started his medical to the first clinic?? Please help me i cant wait for 2 months thats too long...
  2. Hi,

    They ask for sputum test if they see any old scarring in lungs. Even if you go and submit through another doctor IRCC would ask for further medical test(Sputum test and X-Ray) if they find any scarring in lungs on the report submitted by doctor.

    Many people from asian countries are exposed to Scarring and it is very normal. They just want to make sure that it is not currently active and hence they ask for a SPUTUM Test to make sure it is not active. If you are very sure he doesn't have any scarring on X-ray, maybe you can get an Xray from a general clinic and take that to panel doctor and reference it saying there is no scarring and hence no need for sputum test.
  3. Hi,but he ask for a second opinion of chest xray to other hospital and the results are clear.... the doctor said no scarring and his lungs are clear...but i know that the immigration clinic wont change their mind so can he still go to other panel physician
  4. you can go and try. Not sure why would a panel physician say so!
  5. Is it okay to have his medical exam again to other panel physician?
  6. I am not sure. I only know that they ask for re-medical if there is scarring. . But I have never heard that panel physicians office refused to submit medicals due to that. . I have known cases where they submit the medicals and IRCC after reviews if any scarring if found, requests further medical tests to same clinic and they will infirm you. But you can then do re-medical with same doctor’s office or go to another one with you UCI number and they will be able to look it up.

    Maybe if you can post on Other threads someone with similar situation might offer advise.

  7. Try asking here.


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