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MBA ISP Brock University (Urgent)

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by varshamalviya, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been accepted for the MBA - International Student Pathway (ISP) program for the fall intake starting from August 2019.
    Have a few questions regarding this programme.
    1. How good is this MBA programme from the job perspective & Co-op placement ?
    2. What is the average salary package can we expect after completing this course, as the course fees is $ 56000 CDN approx. which is on the higher side.
    3. Any part time job opportunities near St.Catherines area.
    It would be really helpful to receive a response from any Brock MBA ISP alumini.
    Expecting the prompt reply as I need to respond on the offer made by the university.
    My Profile:
    Work Exp: 7.5 years (6.5 yrs in HR, 1 yr in IT Consulting)
    IELTS Score: 7
    Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering in Computers, Post Graduate diploma in Systems.

    Apart from Brock I have applied for MBA program in Royal Roads, VIU, Thompson Rivers.
    & Graduate certificate in Project management / Global Mgmnt in Centennial, Sheridan, Humber.

    Thank you!
  2. Of all the MBA programs you have applied to Brock would be the only one I would consider. With a full-time MBA you usually don't have much time for part-time jobs. If you do have time you are usually limited to service job because of availability on evenings and weekends. Brock is considered a 2nd tier university. I would consider it a mid 2 tier. You do benefit from the proximity to Toronto. Honestly a lot of it depends on your previous work experience and education and yourself as a candidate. Your IT background is helpful. Nobody can give you an idea about salary expectations. MBAs are pretty common these days. You almost need one just to be competitive compared to other candidates.
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  3. What Are the chances of getting student visa with Brock offer?
    How long will it take to get the student permit/visa ?
    In my offer letter, the deadline of accepting the offer is 30th April. Incase if I won’t get the visa on time, will my offer be withdrawn from Brock or they give some extension for submitting the visa?

    Kindly reply to this urgently. Thank you.

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