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May / September 2019 intake for Ontario colleges

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Ntechno, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Let's gather here as a community and discuss all topics of acceptance and visa related topics here. It doesn't matter which college you are applying just keep everyone posted to compare and evaluate individual prospects.
    I am starting this thread with a format. Everyone is requested to follow the same for the first post and then go ahead with the discussions.

    College :
    Intake :
    Ielts score:
    Date of application:
    Updates: ( here kindly mention if loa received or replies from college admissions team)
  2. College: Sheridan and Centennial
    Course: Professional Accounting, strategic accounting & Financial Planing
    Intake: May 2019
    IELTS score: 7.5
    Date of application : 1st week of September.
    Updates: Recieved strategic accounting from Centennial.
  3. college -canadore , universal ,fanshawe
  4. College : Humber & Sheridan
    Course: Marketing Management
    Intake : Sept 2019
    Ielts score: 8.0
    Date of application: Sheridan -14th Oct , Humber - 14th Nov
    Updates: Received offer letter from Humber
  5. Offer letter within a month that's awesome, congrats
  6. Thanks but it's more of Humber's policy to finish offer letters by Febuary for the September 2019. Already 4-5 programs are closed or waitlisted.
  7. Great.congratulations.
  8. Anyone going for northern college for may???
  9. wen u got offer letter from humber??
  10. Nov 24th
  11. Hello,
    i m in the same situation i have applied on dated 23.10.2018 for one course i.e. Business Administration- Accounting (fast track) myself and second course i.e. International Business Management thru agent global opportunities on 06.11.2018.

    i m in trouble as i applied myself on 23 oct 2018 and then went to agent on 05.11.2018 to aply for me another course IBM. i tol them that i have applied one by myself so they said dont worry you can sign this undertaking form through which we will follow up with them for this program also.

    I daily asked my agent they give different statement and today they said its only four week wait atleast upto 8 weeks and the undertaking leter we have sent is not yet approved by college so wait.

    and my fear is that waiting too long means no chance of offer letter as by the that time college will close admission :-(.

    Can you please tell me @Ntechno have your agent also took sign from you on undertaking letter ?
  12. See first problem is that you went to agent. Agent cannot do anything. In fact going to agent means you have given him permission to handle your application so now it at his hands.

    Which college have you applied to ?
  13. i
    have applied for centennial college.

    i have yesterday a conversation with hannah madam at centennial bangalore office and she told that seats with direct application from students is full now. and they have only seats left for the application from agents.

    thats why i prefer to go to agent
  14. Normally colleges show availability on the website but Centennial does not. Without that information, you will have to go to agent only.
  15. These days agents doesnt want to work hard or follow up for students.

    its already 5 week gone my agent dont get his undertaking letter approved from the college for first program.

    Thats why i want to connect to @Ntechno to know that did his agent also took any undertaking letter signed from him for the prgm he applied himself.

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