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May 2019 TRV Timelines

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by myra20sharma, May 6, 2019.

  1. I am staying at friend place and he stated the same.

    No as my per document list (after I start my application) I have to provide invite letter as well
  2. that might be because you mentioned him your host,otherwise for normal tourist on TRV, no invitation is required
  3. No as you know when we create TRV it start with some question answer and based on that the provided you a set of documents to fill. I am not sure for other country but in Pakistan we have to provide invitation letter (either you have friends or family)

    As you ask my duration , I stated I am going on 7th July and returning on 19th (actually from Canada I am going USA for another two week and clearly stated my plan)
  4. 1. The purpose of travel wasn't strong. If even that is it you can now, while reapplying, provide a day by day itinerary and reserved air tickets and hotel booking (not purchased yet).

    2. The person you intend to visit needs to give you an invitation letter stating you'll stay with them and they would provide their proof of residence also (if you're not including hotel details). And may also state you and invitees will share your expense in Canada.

    3. For "so no intention to go there and start fresh" maybe you don't but there are people who do and have done in past, so you need to have clear documents so that VO would not think you do too. That's why you'd need to have a strong purpose of travel. The second reason of rejection (Due to limited opportunity of employment prospect in your residence country), only came into picture as the purpose (to travel and spend thousands of dollars) wasn't strong.

    4. You can reapply anytime, if it does not state otherwise in your refusal letter, after working on refusal reasons. Also include a cover letter .
  5. Please see my reply above

  6. 1. DO NOT purchase ticket/hotel booking, just reserve them. Websites give that option where they would not charge until few days before the actually date of flight/stay. Use that.

    2. Invitee's passport would have his/her address, that would suffice. He can put this in his letter also that you will stay with him during your visit, if not mentioned last time.

    3. Just try and stay as concise as possible, do not over elaborate your intent to not overstay and only visit your friends temporarily. (your itinerary, the invitation letter and your cover letter and of course your employer letter's with approved leaves would have those dates)

    4. Cover letter and any additional doc will go under "Client Info"
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  7. Please see my comments, I also want one more advise..

    Is it okay to apply now (obviously after clearing all objection and providing details)?

  8. Yes! You can apply, but make sure the refusal letter isn't asking you wait a certain time.
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  9. yes you can apply immediately if there is no restrictions of time in refusal letter as you have to only clear the doubt of visa officer and prove yourself an honest traveller with clear TRV intention. People who are refused if they don't have enough income or don't have required financial status need time so that their circumstances change and they can be eligible but thats not in your case, thats just a confusion which you need to clear, you have good chances as I have seen a people even on this forum who reapplied and got approved, the only thing, adress the issues raised by the VO
    best of luck
  10. No they are not saying to wait as I understand (check attached screen shot)

  11. Thank for reply and encouragement, will do as they ask (clearing their doubt)
  12. yup,you can apply anytime
    keep updated please :)
  13. you are welcome sir
  14. Is it advisable to add our group discussion (we created a group - Travel to Canada on whatspp with friends) in January. Here we discuss our dates (leave etc so every one can join).

    Thinking to provide screen shot of this (time and date we created this group and purpose) because this is also one proof of my good intention.

  15. Hello everyone I need help please if somebody can , I want to apply for my dad visitor visa ,his Visa refused in December 2018 , now I am planning to apply again , I have questions like
    1) my father & my mom have join saving account ,is it ok ? Because I am applying just for my dad not for my mom please can somebody help me ???

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