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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, May 2, 2019.

  1. Anyone else waiting for CSQ?

    And is there a thread/chat for just Québec immigrants?
  2. Any idea how to know if passed biometrics i got a biometrics letter on 26 July done on 2 August then on 12 aug fil transferred please any help on how to know if paases biometrics and wjat to expect after this stage

  3. In gckey, usually it will change to passed the same day u took ur biometrics. Are u done with your medical ? That should be the next or sometimes medical first then biometrics.

  4. Thank you your feedback not yet
  5. Any May first 2019 applicants ?
  6. Yep, file received May 17, Medical, SA, Biometrics done. Nothing after that.
  7. Me too, May 22nd - Timeline in signature
  8. hello All,

    If my GCKEY states like this, does it mean they already received my addtitional document that I sent few days ago? Thanks

    Review of additional documentsHelp - Review of additional documents
    • We need additional documents to continue processing your application. We will send you a message with more details.
  9. Via mail or email ?
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  10. In my GCKEY Account, but it has changed just an hour ago.. Says We are reviewing your submitted documents.
  11. May 31st applicant...nothing after AOR July 23...GC Key says We started processing your backround check....but I think this is False IP 2..because no medical or biometrics request yet
  12. DM on ecas today

    PA : Philippines

    My timeline
    May 27 - App Received
    July 16 - AOR
    July 17 - Biometrics Request
    July 18 - Medical Request
    July 24 - Biometrics & Medical Done
    July 24 - Biometrics Completed on Gckey
    July 24 - Moved to CPC Mississauga
    August 21 - Medical Passed on Gckey
    August 27 - DM on ecas & Pre arrival message on Gckey
  13. Mississauga is on fire, that's a great timeline
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  14. VerY verY Congratulations ...... Mine sametimeline .... 27 MaY APP received 24 JuLY Moved to cPC ........ finger cross :) hope Good news soon
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  15. Thank you! Hoping everybody receives good news soon. Just be patient and think positive! :)
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