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March - 2019 Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by YamPower, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Please update! My Ecas turned to Decision made today Sep 9th!

    can’t wait for the oath invitation :rolleyes:
  2. Edmonton office is just dead. No update from them
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  3. Hamilton office is the slowest one I think.
  4. It's been almost 3 Weeks since my Citizenship Test and "Decision Made" but no Oath invitation yet.
    I am from Calgary
  5. everyone has to be patient .
  6. All offices in ON are dead, no update since last July , we need be patient, but when I compared the process time which vary between offices cross Canada, I lost my patient :)
  7. today i learned my oath is scheduled. oct
  8. Anyone from Brampton? Any updates after In process?
  9. I just requested GCMS notes to see what's happening with my citizenship application.
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  10. Good Luck, please keep us posted.
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  11. I agree, they should have every month test exam in big city like Toronto because compare to other cities is huge city and more population And I don't understand why so slow
  12. Please update: on-line status changed to in-process on Aug 01.
    Thank you
  13. Lets stay positive! Its coming soon..our turn. Cheers mates :)

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