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>>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Do not worry you r not alone. There are at least 27 applicants are still waiting.
  2. Thanks. Our AOR’s only two days apart! Good luck to both of us!! This forum is providing a great support. I’m going through even 2018 AORs to feel more hopeful about mine.
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  3. Completed 8 months today. This is ridiculous.
  4. Hello I just joined recently... My AOR is 30th march and my ITA was on 14th February. My name is Faisal Mansuri.
  5. I also completed 8 months yesterday; we are in the same boat. We cannot do anything except waiting, eligibility "recommend passed" as per GCMS notes since May 2019.
  6. I applied from Canada (Toronto) in February.

    AoR: March 6
    Medical passed: April 13
    Police Certificate requested: April 13 (it had been already submitted, so it was some confusion on their end, but I obviously responded to it)

    Since then - nothing =(

    I got a couple of ghost notifications, received my ATIP notes after 2 months instead of 30 days (the only thing I understood from 145 pages is that application is "in review"), and received a notification saying "there are no updates" about a month ago.

    My work permit expires on December 1st. I applied for a bridging work visa in October, and it will take another 4 months for it to be reviewed. I don't have enough nerve cells to live through it =(

    Is anyone here in a similar situation with a bridging work permit and implied status?
  7. I also applied for bridging work permit in may 2019 and got it in August.

    Aor is 22nd march and work permit was expiring in june
  8. Can you please share the exact dates when you applied for a bridging work permit and when you got it?
  9. I applied on 28th may and got it on ithink 21st or 22nd August.
  10. Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope! If you don't mind me asking EVEN MORE QUESTIONS, lol, until when is your bridging work permit valid?
  11. Similar to you..
    AOR 6th March
    MEP 12th April
    Work permit expired in August, extension filed on July 12th, got approved on Oct 31st.
    PS: Still waiting for PR :)
  12. I know it doesn't change anything, but somehow feels better knowing I'm not alone in this boat :D
    Can you please let me know until when is your bridging work permit valid?
  13. anyone receive any GU's lately? my brother-in-law is a Mar 2019 applicant...wishing all of you the best!!
  14. Its not bridging work permit. My company filed closed work permit extension, valid till june 2021
  15. Its ok ,no problem.
    My bridging work Permit is valid until next year june .

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