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March 2018 Applicant Status

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Maninder Bhullar, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I am applied 29 March 2018. My application is in process. How many applicant same situation?
  2. I am march 24th applicant,still in processing.
  3. Did you apply online or paper base application ?
  4. Online
  5. I applied paper application on 7April ..still processing. I think online application take more time
  6. May be.
  7. I recently received this mail.
    There have been no updates to your application. since you last checked your account. Thank you for your patience.
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  8. At least you receive something
  9. Whats ypur application date?
  10. Yes bro
  11. Any other receive this mail?
  12. I think you are not checking your status on cic website, thats why you received this email. Thats what I think?
  13. I have check my account daily
  14. Ok. But I didn’t receive any email like this. Good sign for you.
  15. Trust in God. Everything is good.
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