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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by yoge, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Background changed to "Not applicable" earlier it was "background check has not been started yet will send you a message when we do " or something on those lines and also got a pre-arrival letter, not sure if we're close or way behind... new Delhi VO, March applicant
  2. Hi My wife is March 21 applicant.
    Medical passed -July 11
    Requested interview -July 15
    Interview date - Jan 23

    She is very nervous but excited
    We been waiting for this interview since July

    Once the interview is finished what can we Expect ?
  3. It wil be very easy interview all questions will be based on relationships
    Family details
    Spouse details
    Marriage date’s
    Take extra pics album with u if visiting after marriage

    After interview
    U can see bgc starts
    Then DM
    and PPR
    All in month
  4. I m in same boat
  5. Im also march applicant with no bgc started yet ! Tired of waiting !!
  6. Same and same
  7. Did they request interview?
  8. Not required, I got the notes in which the officer mentioned satisfaction with relationship proofs and documents! Even the eligibility is passed but bgc not started yet ! Seems waiting forever
  9. For those who got DM and PPR; Please update us when you receive your PP and if possible, your landing date. For those of us waiting, it helps to see what the timeline is like for each step!
  10. hey guys they've received my application on March 14 2017 and my file is in the Paris visa office.. anyone else there who got DM yet? my background check has been in process since November. Feels like the wait is foreverrrrrr
  11. Do we still have apps pending PPR from MVO?
  12. What is mvo? Mexico? If so, yes
  13. Manila..
  14. Same here, March Applicant...Mississauga VO
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  15. Vissa issued and passport received Jan 19, 2018.

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