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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by yoge, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Hi I like to start new topic for march applicant. Please join march applicant here.
    Soon I upload spreadsheet for march applicant.

    Wish you all the best for all
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  2. Re: March 2017 *outlant spousal applicant*

    March applicant can discuss here
  3. Re: March 2017 *outlant spousal applicant*

    March applicant spreadsheet is ready find below link amd click mar 2017
  4. Waiting for first march applicant once again wish you all the best
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  5. Hi i am also an march appllicant .. would like to join here ^_^
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  6. Hi, I sent my application Feb 27 and the app was received today March !!

    I am trying to access the spreadsheet but cant for some reason. I also dont want to sign into an account (i dont have a google account)
  7. Application resent to CIC. Application received by CIC mississauga 1 march 2017. Here it goes!
  8. btw i cant edit my info on the spreadsheet. how come?
  9. Hi,

    Going to be applying within the next two weeks, waiting on police clearance then holding thumbs.

    Did you have to submit your birth certificate too?
  10. Hi just wondering was it returned to you ? why u resent it ?

    if so then how long did it take for them to return ..and what was missing ..may i know ?
    Thank you ..
  11. Hi guys. Going to send our app next week. Hoping for a fast processing.
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  12. Spreadsheet now can edit without google account
  13. Please updated info with spreadsheet
  14. Updated... it looks like someone added information for the end of february in there... thinking its on the wrong spreadsheet as this is for MARCH....

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