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Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by asishpnair, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. hi guysss...need quick answer that while filing electronically the size of the text is very small for additional family information as it is by default should i fill it as it is..

  2. Subject:1. Can PMP(Project Management Professional) certification be accounted for Education qualification? If yes, Can I account it as 1 yr.
    I have 16 year of education with masters degree, Looking to see if PMP certification can give me 1 yr that I need to score full 25 points.

    Seniors, Pls throw some light

  3. Up untill April 10, 2010, applicants were given a second chance to provide IELTS if the visa officer was not satisfied with the letter claiming points for language. After April 10, there is no second chance and application will be rejected iof the visa officer is not satisfied with letter only (without IELTS). To answer your question, yes there have been many applicants in the past who were approved based on their letter without IELTS. This can very well happen after April 10 too but if the visa officer is not satisfied, you will not be asked to provide the IELTS, instead, you'll be rejected right away and you have to apply once again from the beginning.
    Hope this helps.
  4. can some one post the url from CIO website ,which talk about April 10 IELTS rule.
  5. Hello guys what is happening? This thread has suddenly gone cold? or are we too busy with visa office requirement?
  6. Hello to all,

    I submitted my full documents to London Visa office last 24.06.2010 and based on the courier tracking, it was received 28.06.2010. I am praying that everything will be satisfactory and acceptable to Visa officer and looking forward for my 2nd AOR. :) although London visa office is processing so slow. Let's hope for the best and pray for one another.
  7. Dear All,

    I have a question about new NOC List. As you know several occupations (0213, 4131, 4121 etc) have been removed from new list. If CIO finds some mistake in your application and it is returned back to you, what will be the next step for you to resubmit it? Will you be able to re-send your application with same NOC? What will happen if the your NOC is not in the new list?

    For example if some one applied under 0213 and application was delivered to CIO NS in March but CIO returns the application due to some mistake in the application. What will the applicant do in this case now as 0213 is no more in the new list? Will he be able to resend the application after doing the corrections under same NOC 0213? Or he will be no more eligible for this?

  8. Hi Shah
    Just fill it correctly means all information should be right rest leave to CIO as its there job to deal with small fonts but make sure info is correct

    Hope this helps
  9. Is any one from March 10 got First AOR.

  10. Good Luck for your case meanne, yes London office is going really slow these days cause of extra burden on them, please keep us updated about the 2nd AOR.. Thanks

  11. Dear navali,

    If your complete application gets returned to you then to re-apply, you will have to be eligible under the new rules !! BUT, if CIO asks you for something, for example an updated fee payment etc, then you still have a chance. Hope for the best and Good Luck.


  12. Hello,

    will there be any negative impact on our applications for those NOCs which have been removed now like 0213, 4131, 4121 with new changes/ new list of 29 occupations ?

    I know processing of old applications will be done according to the rules which were applicable before 26th June. I am only thinking of any negative impact/effect for applicants with those NOCs which are now eliminated....

    What do u guys think?

  13. Hello Guys,
    I got my second AOR today from ND CHC, Had sent full application on Jun 16

  14. Dear, Kris905 Congratulations to you! How did you get your second AOR by e-mail or ....?

    All the best!
  15. HELLO

    I have sent an Initial application on March 15th, received it on March 18th.

    I received an email on June 7th ,stating that i forgot to mention visa office. [My Agents mistake]

    Again we sent it on 8th June, still waiting for File no

    So much worried , how long it ill take.

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