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Manitoba PNP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Oyster, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Hi
    I am qualifying Manitoba PNP point but don’t have relative in that province, My brother lives in Toronto and when I mention his detail in PNP doe that crate any impact on outcome.

  2. definitely Yes.
    You need to qualify
    You need to have relative or friend in manitoba
    you should not have close relative in other province.
  3. Thanks Pure for your advice.
  4. Dear Members,

    My CSR Score is 350 and with the current cut off score, it seems almost impossible to get ITA through express entry profile.

    I would like to know if I can submit EOI for Manitoba, my current points for MPNP is 78 points including 10 points for friends sponsorship.

    Please advise if this programme is still open for overseas workers without the job offer and what is the timeframe for receiving ITA?

    Is it possible to create EOI for MPNP while having existing EE profile?

    Greatly appreciate your response.

    Thanks a lot,
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  5. HI All,

    I am filling my full application for MPNP. I select other in my relative details tab.(Brother in law) my sister's husband would be my supporter.
    However when I click on Review and Submit tab,it shows my validation error on relative details tab. and says missing information.
    I have sent an email to them,but no response as of now.

    Could anyone guide me how to handle this case?
  6. My score is 437 in Express entry which will reduce by 5 points in 2 months.so it’s looking difficult for me to get ITA..one of my friend lives in Manitoba..Can I use her 10 points for Manitoba PNP.i m getting 70 points..I dnt have any job offer..how can I apply for Manitoba PNP?
    Thanx in advance
  7. it is difficult to get the pnp with friends connection.very less chance.
    U can visit the immigrate manitoba website and create an account there.
  8. If I receive ITA in MPNP, do I need to declare all of my husband’s paternal close relatives in another province? He has 3 Aunts and about 9 cousins plus their spouses and children living in Ontario. They don’t really know my husband as he grew up with his maternal grandparents.

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