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Sep 11, 2019
Hi everyone, I created this thread to ask some question and to help other people also who can relate especially those beginner like me. I am going to apply for Manitoba PNP on my own without asking an assistance from agency.

Here's my Qualifications:

  • Factor 1: Language Proficiency (NO IELTS YET)
  • Factor 2: Age (21 to 45)
  • Factor 3: Work Experience (4 YEARS AND MORE)
  • Factor 4: Education (BS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE - GRADUATE)
  • Factor 5: Adaptability (Close relative in Manitoba) / Regional Immigration (YES)
* EILTS exam and Education Credential Assessment will be done later.

Since I am new, I've made some research about the application, creating profile, EOI, etc.
I still have few questions, please go through the list that I have mentioned below.

  1. I have close relatives who are citizen for more than 10 years in Manitoba. A brother of my Grandmother (biologically) will be my sponsor and support whether financial or other needs. My question is, even though he will support my needs especially finances do I need to present my own Bank Statement?
  2. I've been working at IT Telecom Company in UAE for more than 5 years (Full time), I'm doing lot of task which are my main job such as Project Coordinator for Telecom projects, An assistant to Manager of Admin, HR , CEO, PRO, IT Support, I became Sales and Marketing Officer also, Accounts Staff as well, now I'm focused on Finance and Banking of our company and supervising our staffs. My question is, as per my Residence Visa in UAE my designation is Secretary but upon checking the In-demand Occupation list of MPNP I got confused which once to choose in NOC. Please advise.
  3. Upon creating profile for EOI in MPNP website, there's a startup window which I did not proceed because I do not have an IELTS yet. If I will proceed on that, is it possible to change the status of my IELTS? Does EOI have a duration time if I will not submit it at earliest time, since I am completing my documents?

Thank you so much for your response.