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Los Angeles LVO INFO

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by alibra22, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Anyone going through Los Angeles LVO and have any info on processing times/trends for that office :(......My file was received by them on Jan 6th I believe.....transferred from Mississauga on Dec 26th

    24 May - App received
    19 Jul - AOR1
    30 NOV- ECAS IP
    30 NOV- AOR2
    23 JUL - SA
    30 NOV - BGC IP

  2. There are no "trends" when an app is transferred to LA. The transfer means that IRCC has concerns with your application and will likely call you for an interview.
  3. Agreed with Canuck, all US cases are fully processed at Ottawa, unless an interview is required, then those cases will be transferred to their respectful US local VOs.
  4. Even for Outland? .... weird because my wife and I have been married for over 10 years w multiple children
  5. Yes, even for outland. The thing is that having children and length of your marriage are positive factors, but not decisive factors towards the genuine of your marriage or the eligibility of your sponsorship, in the eyes of CIC.

    The possible interview can be anything in your application that somehow triggered it.
  6. Hmm wonder if I should wait to hear from them or preemptivly hire a lawyer , just to get the behind the scenes info
  7. What you can do is to order the case notes, usually it will take a month to receive them. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer yet.
    Regarding how to order your case notes, hope that the senior members of this forum can pitch in.
  8. A lawyer can't get any more information than you can yourself by applying for GCMS notes. Any red flags? Relationship discrepancies? Criminal issues?
  9. Looks like they've started to get fully processed in Mississauga.
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  10. 1 misdemeanor from 2001 figured it was so long ago they'd overlook it. non violent, non drug, non espionage lol
  11. Yep American apps are being processed in Mississauga now
  12. Did you declare it?
  13. I'm not sure it came up in my FBI report, it was supposed to be "expunged" from all other records so i wasn't sure if i had to or not..
  14. I did have a feeling something was up though they asked for the case file. months after my sponsor had been approved meds done ect
  15. You're misunderstanding the question. Did you tell CIC from the beginning about this charge? Because on Schedule A they clearly ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime, or been charged, etc. If you did not tell them, it can be considered as misrepresentation. It would be natural to ask for an interview and/or have concerns about your case in regards of the crime, since it looks like it came out in their background checks and not actually from you.

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