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LONDON Visa Office Applicants....Lets connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Kitua85, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. So sorry for what you went through and happy for you that the long journey has finally come to a happy end :)

    Just a question if you don’t mind what was your status on ECAS before the decision made? In process or application received?
  2. Hi,

    it was “In process” from October last year to even now.
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  3. Congratulations..thanks for the kind words
  4. who is Mr Ralph Goodale? does he work with CIC? or is he a freelancer ?
  5. Mr. Goodale was a liberal member of parliament for Regina Wascana until recent federal elections in which unfortunately he's not been re-elected. During his term, his office had an access to IRCC and thus helped many prospective immigrants by responding to their status enquiry. Please note that the service is no longer available.

    I trust this is satisfactory.
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  6. Thank you for reply..
    its a shame these services are no longer available.. would be very handy for me..
    oh well! :)
  7. Just count 1-2-3 and the PPR email will arrive. You are too close to receive passport request. I hope and pray today..
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  8. Hopefully some other parliament member will step up to help immigration applicants...
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  9. Just landed yesterday. Immigration and Customs etc. was a breeze. All officers I came across were super friendly and helpful. It took hardly 15 minutes. They told me the PR card will be delivered directly to my address. As per the latest process we dont need to visit Service canada/ontario to apply for PR card, the immigration officer at the airport will directly initiate the PR card application from their system. But yes we have to go to Service Canada for SIN card etc.
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  10. You're right! I just received PPR sometime back!!
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  11. Thanks to all of you for the support and motivation.

    Detailed Timeline:

    AOR: 15 Dec 2018
    Security Started: 29 May 2019
    Security completed : 04 Nov 2019
    Remedical Request: 05 Nov 2019
    Remedical Done: 13 Nov 2019
    Remedical Passed: 20 Nov 2019
    PPR / RFV: 25 Nov 2019
  12. Congratulations... :D:D:D so happy for you..
    Best of luck in the Future journey...
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  13. Het did anyone submitted passport at Abu dhabi embassy?
    How long does it take to get ur passport back from abu dhabi?
  14. Many congratulations...
    it's been a long journey, but you made it... that's the verdict

    All the best for journey ahead!
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  15. Thank you for the useful info...best of luck!
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