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LMIA & work permit processing

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by nylyor, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. I'm in India
  2. Probably some delay is happening with regards to the Canada checking whether your employer meet all the criteria.
    Mine application originally was submitted in Delhi(9 weeks of processing) but file moved internally to Abu Dhabi(39 weeks of processing) where I was based. I got my WP and TRV in around 20-22 weeks from Abu Dhabi
  3. Thank you for your reply

    Can you explain the processing steps after submitted application to vfs.delhi
  4. I am not aware of it, all I can say they need to check the details with your employer etc. Not every business in Canada can offer jobs to candidates outside Canada they have to meet certain guidelines. Probably that’s where it is taking that long
  5. Can I get your whatsapp contact number ?
  6. Visa application, tracking ID No. 20180131INICWKR82090. You are requested to submit additional documents to the Canada Visa Application Center, New Delhi for further processing.

    Yesterday I was received the message from vfs Delhi.
  7. What additional docs are you required to submit ?
  8. any update of your nanny visa application and have u gone through nanny interview process?
  9. My NOC is 4021

    whats the procedure to get LMIA.
    My husband is a civil engineer working in KSA and MTech(civil) with 25 years of work experience.Can he apply for LMIA.if so how?
  10. Im get my workpermit after approving lmia two months ago . Can i change my employer ? If yes then what is the process . Thanx
  11. you need to have new lmia with new employer and then aply for new work permit, what type of work permit do you have? have you applied from india if yes please share your timeline.
  12. Hello people
    Is IELTS ACADEMIC score accepted for immigration purposes or only IELTS general??
  13. Hello All,

    This is a really nice thread initiated for LMIA and work permit processing.

    I have a question, my application was done under global talent stream by my employer for LMIA.

    I received positive LMIA last Friday.
    Which says u can only apply for employer specific work permit(closed work permit)

    I need to start my application soon,
    Can anyone help me with Documents checklist for closed work permit?

    It will really helpful if I get reply soon.

    Consultants are charging way to high for the fact that it’s globa talent stream

    Thanks and Regards,
  14. Repal, the organization who is hiring you will have to appoint a law firm to apply for a WP through a Canadian embassy either in your home country or where ever you are residing atm.

    HYG wrt the process

  15. Thanks for your reply.

    The thing is, even I told them that closed work permit is usually done by employer.
    The reply was, as per our company policy we only do application till providing Approved LMIA and work permit related things should be done by the employee.
    HR also said in most cases they have got positive outcomes

    Now my concern is, my status in canada is as visitors and this is my first application of work permit which as per CIC should be done outside Canada and mandatorily paper application.

    No immigration consultants here are Ready to do applications from outside Canada, infact they insist me to apply online only.

    So I just want list of documents to be submitted for paper application

    Any one who is in Canada on close work permit will be able to help me


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